*UNESCO Laureate Tasks Michelle Aderonke Adeyinka On More Service To God & Humanity As Good Ambassador of Crown University Int’l Chartered Inc., USA*.

*******”UNESCO Laureate Commends Michelle As Recipient of Crown University’s Honorary Doctorate Degree

******VC CUICI USA Says Michelle Adeyinka’s Service To Humanity Is Exceptional.

*******Aremu Tasks Michelle Adeyinka On More Service To Humanity As Good Ambassador of CUICI, USA.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

His Royal Highness (H.R.H) Duke Of The Kingdom Of Atlantis in Singapore and Vice-Chancellor Crown University, USA, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu has lauded Michelle Adeyinka’s excellent performance in both private and public sectors as a seasoned development expert and her disposition to community and humanitarian services towards societal development. Michelle is one of the eminent Nigerians, Africans, global scholars that recently bagged Crown University’s Honorary Doctorate Degree during a one day Summit in Lagos.

The media learnt this today being Thursday, April 18, 2024 from World Acclaimed Distinguished research Universities Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu in a press statement personally signed by him, which was made available to some group of Journalists in Asaba, Delta State capital by his Executive Assistance On Media, Publicity and Communication Matters, Comrade Sir Bieni Victor Emenike as UNESCO Laureate tasks Michelle Adeyinka, one of the recipients of Crown University’s Honorary Doctorate on service to humanity.

The statement by VC CUICI, USA reads in parts: “I, UNESCO Laureate and CUICI VC commend Michelle Adeyinka as one of the recipients of Crown University Int’l Chartered Incorporated, USA’s globally recognized Honorary Doctorate Degree certificate. I urge you to be good Ambassador of the institution anywhere in the World for sustainable growth and development of the society and the world at large”.

“Michelle Adeyinka is an exceptional human being when it comes to rendering service to humanity. She is a great woman and humility personified. A woman with excellent profile as a virtuous, woman of great value who has served Nigeria, Africa and the world at large(humanity in general) with her time and resources. She has contributed to societal development in various ways and in different sectors of global economy. I urge to you to keep it up! Aspire more, work more harder to render more service to your creator. The entire management, staff of CUICI, USA wishes you the best in life. God bless you richly”.

“Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu, Emeritus Professor whose profile and global activities speaks volumes is His Royal Highness, His Excellency, Duke of the Kingdom of Atlantis, Singapore. UNESCO Laureate is the Vice- Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Incorporated, USA, Grand Commissioner/President, World Accreditation Commission, USA, Global Vice Chairman, Royal University of the Kingdom of Atlantis, Singapore; Grand President, International Chartered World Learned Society, USA”.

“The Crown University International Chartered in Inc. USA is a global recognized private research university which offers professional vocational training and higher education. It serves as an autonomous global recognized university, offering education and practical skill in the courses taught at its official partner’s constituents campuses at government regulated universities worldwide and online operation”.

“Crown University International Chartered Incorporated Inc. Entity is duly incorporated under the International Laws of 1704,1776 and 1787 in United States of America with chartered file number: 7594662 as a worldwide recognized teaching and research university with International Trade Mark registered of logo with an international trademark order of receipt number: 668383, Customer number:270163 in United States of America”.

“Michelle Adeyinka has over 30 years experience of working in the public sector at various levels. She is empathic and very compassionate about improving life opportunities for women and children; particularly those who are vulnerable due to age, health, environment, or situational events. Over the years, she has championed for action to improve housing
conditions and create opportunities for low-income families to access safe and affordable housing”.

“She is a Fellow of the
prestigious Chartered Institute of Housing, UK and has been recognised through various national and local awards for her
service to the sector.
One of Michelle’s notable traits is her empathy and compassion for vulnerable or disadvantaged people, who through life
situations, face additional challenges, which without intervention or support, puts them at more risk”.

“This concern to
improve life for others and make a direct or indirect impact is what led her to initially becoming a housing officer, to help
homeless families or households living in disadvantaged areas. Her first job after college, was in one of the most socially and economically challenged local government areas in London, at the time. Her experience in local government created
greater awareness of the social and economic issues affecting disadvantaged communities. Michelle through her roles in
public service, gained significant insights into how strategies and policies can impact communities and individuals, positively
but at times negatively. This experience has made her more determined to ensure that we have the right policies and
resources to make notable impact and support our disadvantaged communities”.

“Michelle’s passion to make a difference has also compelled her to look to her country of heritage, Nigeria, to use her UK experience to work with local communities there to improve opportunities for people living in poor communities. She is the
Founder of Phebe Benevolent Foundation, a charity which was registered in 2016 to develop and deliver impactful
intervention projects to support vulnerable households and reduce hardship. Michelle is committed to actively working to improve welfare provision and life opportunities for vulnerable individuals,
households and communities in the UK and Nigeria”.

Fellow: She is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Housing (1993 – present) with Fellowship Award in 2020. From 2023 – Present, She had bagged MA in Understanding Domestic and Sexual Violence from University of Worcester, UK. Between 2004 – 2006, She had bagged Post Graduate Diploma in Managing Public Services – Metropolitan University, London UK. Also, Between 1993 – 1995; She had bagged Post Graduate Diploma in Housing Management – University of Westminster, London UK
1986 – 1988. She had bagged Higher National Diploma in Business Studies & amp; Finance from London College of Communication, London UK”.

“HER APPOINTMENTS AND VOLUNTARY POSITIONS: From 2016 – Present: She had served as Trustee and Founder: Phebe Benevolent Foundation, Nigeria. Also, from 2013 – Present; She had served as Trustee and Board Member, Hendonian Charitable Trust, London UK. Also served as Grant funder supporting local individuals to reduce hardship and offer grants to assist with the cost of living. From 2018 – Present; She had served as Trustee and Board Member: Mary’s Special Needs Foundation, Lagos, Nigeria”.

“She had equally served in Nigeria as Local charity supporting individuals living with epilepsy and fundraising to provide better facilities for the disabled.
From 2009 – Present; She had served at Trustee Sunnyhill Benevolent Fund, London UK. And as Local Charity supporting children, the
disabled and elderly people living in the London area of Barnet.
Between 2019 -2024; She had served as Trustee and Board Member: Leecliffe Local Trust, Hertfordshire, UK. And at Local community
development partnership funded by the UK National Lottery to develop projects to improve the life of
residents in Borehamwood. And at main projects supporting young people, the elderly and isolated residents”.

Michelle Aderonke Adeyinka between 2015-2023 had served at Parochial Church Council (PCC) as Member: St Matthias Church, Colindale, London UK. Also, she had been involved in Local PCC
supporting local residents with meeting space and contributions to foodbanks. Between 2016 -2017 and 2005-2006, she had served as President, Rotary Club of Hendon, London District 1130. And between 2014-2016, she served as President Nigeria UK Housing Society. She was part of CIH professionals led group commissioned to develop affordable housing practice and standards in West Africa, to address housing shortage and homelessness”.

“She contributed to the actualization of Grant funded by African Development Bank to establish Centres of Excellence in Nigeria (University of
Lagos) and Ghana (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi).
Also, between 2003-2012, she had served as Trustee and Board Member, Solace Women’s Aid, London UK. And as Vice Chair of the Board between 2008 – 2012. Also between 2004-2008, she had served as School Governor at St John’s Primary School, Hendon, London UK. Also, between 2003-2005, she had served as Barnet Youth Rehabilitation Panel Member, London UK”.

“Between 1996 – 2009, she served as Trustee and Board Member, Ebony Sistren Hosing Association and as Accredited Mentor of Young People as
FORMAL RECOGNITION AWARDS. In 2020, she bagged Fellow, Chartered Institute of Housing. In 2010, she The William Sutton Prize for Learning and Innovation. In 2017, she won Icon Award of C Hub Magazine, London UK, in 2016 she bagged Humanitarian Service Award from BEFAA, UK, in 2015 she bagged Paul Harris Fellow, Services to Rotary in 2004, she has bagged Professional Personality Award, Nigeria Gala Award, London UK,
In 2000; she bagged Personal Achievement Award from Empty Homes Agency, UK”.

“Her MPLOYMENT HISTORY: She has served as Interim CEO & amp; Founder: Phebe Benevolent Foundation
2019 – Present: Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria. She had played vital role as Interim CEO providing strategic leadership and direction to meet the vision and objectives of Phebe Benevolent Foundation in Nigeria. Also, poised towards developing and delivering project models for reducing hardship and improving life opportunities for disadvantaged
communities. And Coordinating fundraising for current and new projects, networking and enabling collaborative working with other NGOs and local community support groups, Overseeing growth and regulatory compliance,
Main Contributions”.

“Assisted over 500 households with financial donations and regular distribution of essential food items to reduce hardship
and the impact of cost of living. Assisted over 1000 secondary students to aim higher and improve WAEC exam results through the Exam Coaching Classes and Aim Higher Prize Awards. Assisted over 250 students to stay in education by giving financial assistance to prevent students from poor homes dropping out of secondary school education. Also Paid WAEC registration for over 250 students to ensure they are able to take key stage exams. Awarded annual International Women’s Day (IWD) Grants to female small traders, to scale up their business. Also created opportunities to meet parental responsibilities towards their children. Supporting community projects and collaborative work with local charities to reduce gender-based violence. Advocating through existing platforms and networks our key message of Kindness and vision to create a more caring

“Michelle had served as Tenancy Specialist between April 2012 – Present: Also at Clarion Housing Association, London UK. She has played major role as regards providing specialist input and actions for tenancy management, housing legislation and practice. Responding to the complex needs of vulnerable tenants dealing with mental health issues, substance misuse and domestic violence. Key Contributions: Successfully providing specialist actions to deal with tenancy issues involving households with complex needs or
vulnerabilities. She played the roles of Safeguarding Champion and Advocate to ensure compliance to protect vulnerable children and adults”.

“Other contributions are: The development of policies to support vulnerable residents and identify resources to do this effectively. She had served as Projects Director between 2009 – 2011: Housing Association Charitable Trust (HACT): Old Street, London EC1Y 8ST. She was responsible for engaging with social housing resident groups to develop community projects to improve local communities,
increase well-being of vulnerable groups, and create opportunities for newly arrived refugees to access housing in the UK”.

“Other key Contributions: Developing and successfully delivering national projects to tackle poor housing for the elderly and increase access to
housing for young people and refugees.
Age2Age:Intergenerational projects to improve relations between different generations and access to housing by young people.Fit for Living: project to develop new models for improving housing conditions for the elderly”.

“She had served as PRS for Less-privileged persons: Handling Project to create housing options for newly arrived refugees to the UK or with no recourse to public funds. Also served as West London Housing Projects Coordinator from (2006 – 2008), London Borough of Hounslow, Hounslow Civic Centre, Hounslow, TW3 4DN where she played various roles. These roles are: Developing and coordinating regional housing grant projects for vulnerable and poor households to tackle disrepair and
improve housing conditions for the most disadvantaged in local communities. With major
key contributions such as to had Successfully developed and delivered home improvement grant projects across seven West London boroughs”.

“Other major Contributions are: The development of a regional strategy to ensure empty or abandoned homes are brought back into use to
house homeless families. She had worked at Community Safety and Human Rights Policy Officer from (2002 – 2006). And Association of London Government: Southwark Street, London SE1 0AL. Her
Policy and project development Roles are: To tackle domestic violence, youth crime and social issues affecting black and ethnic minority
communities in London. Developing community engagement strategies for community cohesion”.

“She had equally Provided policy support to elected council officers and external partners. Her Key Contributions:
Contributed to the development of a London-wide Domestic Violence Strategy to protect victims and improve opportunities
for survivors to thrive.
Successfully led on the development of a youth crime reduction toolkit and community engagement guide for London councils and local community partnerships to improve opportunities for young people from disadvantaged communities (1990 – 2002: London Borough of Hackney (Local Government)”.

“HER VARIOUS ROLES: She had played various leadership roles such as managing properties for use as temporary accommodation for homeless families, Coordinating
resettlement into permanent accommodation with secure tenancy, policy and corporate change agent roles, and had received awards for developing strategies and delivering actions plans to bring empty and abandoned homes back into use for homeless people”.

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