*Heroes of Modern Democracy: 7 Distinguished Men With Symbol of “Perfection” In Plateau State Politics*.

At a time when Plateau politics seems dominated by “Gwote politics” (borrowing from the Yoruba term “Amala politics” for self-serving opportunism), a handful of Plateau sons have refused to compromise their principles.

These 16 individuals initially stood together for the same cause, but while 9 succumbed to pressure and avarice, 7 members stood firm. Their demand is clear: either all 7 are inaugurated as state assembly members, or none will be. A practical analogy of “All for one, one for All”.

In biblical numerology, 7 symbolizes completion or perfection. This might be seen as a sign that the APC party is purging itself of those who prioritize personal gain. These remaining 7 members represent genuine party loyalty and progressive ideals, not just numbers.

Meet the 7 Heroes of Plateau’s Modern Democracy (in no particular order):
1.Hon. Dalyop Isaac Gyang, Member-Elect, Jos South State Constituency

2.Hon. Engr. Owen Dagogot, Quanpan North State Constituency

3.Hon. Sunday Naah Mark, Member-Elect, Jos North West State Constituency

4.Hon. Yakubu Yakson Sanda, Member-Elect, Pengana State Constituency

5.Hon. Prof. Theodore Bala Maiyaki (SAN), Member-Elect, Quanpan South State Constituency

6.Hon. Apostle Naanlong Gapyil Daniel, Member-Elect, Mikang State Constituency

7.Hon. Dachung Moses Dadon JP, Member-Elect, Riyom Constituency.

These individuals possess a rare and admirable level of integrity for Plateau politicians. They refused pressure from even their traditional rulers to abandon their principles for a quick inauguration. They understood that compromising now could limit their ability to advocate for their people in the future.

It was purportedly reported that the 9 that agreed to be sworn in were coerced to sign a resignation letter as part of the criteria to be met before the exercise, thereby mortgaging their constituencies for a pot of porridge, I am still hoping this is a mere allegation that is untrue.

Sources report that influential figures attempted to divide these 7 by offering selective inaugurations. However, they stood united, refusing this “Greek offer” and insisting on the inauguration of all remaining members. Their unwavering stance is truly commendable.

Reliable sources in Abuja said that Governor Caleb Mutfwang was summoned by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the heels of the statement issued by APC National body and renewed agitations in the state.The President gave instructions that the Governor should find a “political solution” to the impasse, but rather than employing negotiations skills like how former Governor Simon Lalong employed political brinksmanship and negotiations in 2015 to get a minority APC and Majority PDP house of Assembly harmonised for governance, Governor Mutfwang in this instance has deployed intimidation,coercion, blackmail and undemocratic threats against the members elect, which is far from a political solution, all in an attempt to pocket the house which is supposed to be independent of the executive as the legislative arm of Government.

Moving Forward:
The APC should acknowledge the heroism of these seven members by hosting an honorary meeting and potentially offering them automatic nominations for the 2027 elections. Rewarding loyalty and integrity sets a positive example.

A Lesson for Young Politicians:
While the old guard may have faltered, these 7 serve as an inspiration. Young politicians celebrating “executive impunity” should learn that integrity is a cornerstone of good leadership. A good reputation is more valuable than fleeting political gains.


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