*Hon. High Chief Victor Okemena Egbo (A.K.A Last Mugu): “A Human Vehicle To Our Growth & Development”, PDP Youth Leaders In Delta 25 LGAs Tell Governor Sheriff Oborevwori.*


By Edwin Okoh

The Youth Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in Delta State, Hon Chief Victor Okemena Egbo, aka Last Mugu, has demonstrated so much capacity in pure and core administration and human relations since he assumed the office of the State Youth Leader.

His penchant to carrying everybody along in his scheme of things and modus operandi has not only been very efficient and conspicuous, it has manifestly resulted in the recognition and upliftment of everyone around him, especially the LGA Youth Leaders and the ubiquitous school of Female Youths across Delta State.

It has also resulted in the sporadic catapulting of himself as a person from being a member of the State Executive Committee of the Party (State Youth Leader) to the enviable position of Honourable Commissioner Representing the entire Isoko nationalities at the Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (DESOPADEC). That is a wonderful achievement made effortlessly by one man!

But there are good reasons for it. Any person that knows the Last Mugu closely and observes his operational style would agree with the situation that he is someone being led by God, recognized by Men of note and in authority and followed by multitude of ground supporters and astute admirers across the State and beyond simply for his humane and people-friendly intentions.

For the record, as soon as Chief Victor Okemena Egbo became the Delta State PDP Youth Leader, he injected life and vibrancy into the Youth sector of the Party and brought the Party Youths to limelight through various Party building activities.

For example, the tour of the Party Youth formations and chapters which took him and his Youth Leaders to the 25 LGAs prior to the general election was an event that greatly prepared the LGA and Ward Youth Leaders of the Party in the State for an eventually victorious general election which led to the superlative victory of the Party at the Governorship and State House of Assembly elections across Delta State.

Today, under the charismatic and wonderful leadership of the Last Mugu, the PDP Youth Leaders and their members from all the units, Wards and LGAs across Delta State are breathing a sigh of huge relief for the magnanimous victory recorded by the Party in the last election and are still in high spirits even as they await the full-scale prosecution of the upcoming local government election in 2024.

Therefore, at DESOPADEC as Commissioner Representing Isoko Nation, we the PDP LGA Youth Leaders are in agreement, very confident and fully believe that Hon Chief Victor Okemena Egbo aka Last Mugu will do very well and give a good account of himself as he has always done in all offices that he occupies.

It is already on record and to our notice that he has constituted a sizable, ready, effective and influential Committee of Advisers drawn from the various Communities, youth bodies and other sectors within the Isoko Nation to help articulate developmental points and collectively drive the representation home for the period that it will last.

We are in the know from this starting point that, in furtherance of the implementation of the M.O.R.E. agenda of His Excellency Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, the Governor of Delta State, Hon Chief Victor Okemena Egbo the Commissioner Representing Isoko Nation at DESOPADEC has established a financial empowerment program to take care of 100 Youths carefully selected and drawn from his Isoko Nation for an improved life.

That in itself is a plus not only to the affected Youths in Isokoland, but to the current Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori-led administration in Delta State that has already displayed Youth friendliness through the appointment of many Youths so far as Special Advisers and Commissioners-designate that are currently awaiting screening and confirmation by the Delta State House of Assembly whose quite sizable Honourable members are also Youths in status, age and population. It is indeed Youth O’clock in Delta State.

It is our considered opinion as LGA Youth Leaders of PDP in Delta State that Hon Chief Victor Okemena Egbo aka Last Mugu has arrived and he is a figure of note in Delta State political equation.

He has over time proven himself to be a veritable human vehicle readily available for development.

We therefore thank His Excellency Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, the Governor of Delta State for recognizing the roles played by the State Youth Leader and his subordinates before and during the general election and for supporting the appointment given to our Leader as DESOPADEC Commissioner.

We appeal passionately to His Excellency the Governor to continue to give listening ears to Hon Chief Victor Okemena Egbo and his youthful followers across the State in the workings of this administration as they have, like the Last Mugu their Leader, collectively pledged their unalloyed loyalty, support and commitment to this administration all through and through.

The 25 PDP LGA Youth Leaders and their entire followers are excitingly happy because our own Leader and Caregiver, Hon Chief Victor Okemena Egbo aka Last Mugu himself is part of this movement sweeping across Delta State today.

Comr Edwin Okoh, the Youth Leader of PDP in Ika South writes on behalf of the 25 LGA PDP Youth Leaders in Delta State.

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