*Global Quality Higher Education: UNESCO Laureate Commends Feats As WAC Recognizes Three Top Europe Accreditation Agencies.*

…UNESCO Laureate Commends Feats As WAC Recognizes Three Top Europe Accreditation Agencies

…… VC CUICI, USA, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu Says, Top Europe Accreditation Agencies; ITQSM, IEQAB, EIEAS Has Met World Accreditation Commission’s Requirements.

…..WAC Accreditation Committee Tasks Commission’s Members On Institutional Integrity, Public Accountability

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu, UNESCO Laureate and African, Nigerian World Grand President , World Accreditation Commission, (WAC) has, commended Top Europe Accreditation Agencies ITQSM IEQAB EIEAS to had met WAC’s requirements having being admitted, recognized by the global Accreditation body, Commission as members of WAC upon his endorsement.

Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu who doubles as the Vice-Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Inc., USA with its teaching hospital campus located at Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, South America and other partner constituents campuses at government regulated Universities Worldwide and online operation today being on Sunday, April 30, 2023 made this remark in a press statement made available to some group of Journalists in Asaba Delta State capital by his Executive Assistant On Media Publicity and Communication Matters, Comrade Sir Bieni Victor Emenike as Aremu commends feats.

World Accreditation Commission (WAC) was established under the law of 1776 of Government of United States of America with chartered file number: 5378647 at first state (State of Delaware) with certificate of good standing. WAC is a worldwide association of organizations that is active in theory and practice of quality assurance (QA) in higher education (HE). The greater majority of its members are quality assurance agencies (,as full members) and operate in many different ways.

CUICI VC stated that, WAC is an official partner of the following international organizations: United Nations Scientific & Cultural organizations (UNESCO), Board of Quality Standards (BQS); the official member of International Quality Assurance Agencies for Higher Education (INQAAAE) in Spain with its official members, agencies and partners worldwide which also collaborated with International Association of Transnational Universities (IAU), the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), Asia Pacific Quality Network, the African Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN) and other various recognized partners worldwide whose vision is to maintain International Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu who expressed joy over the WAC’s membership status accorded to the three top Europe Accreditation Agencies, Institute of Total Quality Service Measurement (ITQSM), International Education Quality Accreditation Body (IEQAB), and Europe International Education Accreditation Standards (EIEAS) having satisfactorily met the requirements of World Accreditation Commission; through a voluntary, non-governmental review process of Quality Assurance & Institutional Development; upon his initial endorsement followed by WAC’s Committee approval as UNESCO Laureate then tasked them on Institutional Integrity, public accountability to the society or the world at large.

WAC Accreditation Committee has stated that the Commission has, conferred his associate member status together with all rights, honors, dignity pertinent to this award as group extends professional commendation to Europe and American Private Quality Assurance Agency. According to Aremu, WAC’s central purpose, mission is geared towards advancing excellence in higher education made up of its African, Nigerian World Grand President, UNESCO Laureate, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu, Oceanian World Grand President, Prof Sir Fednaz Lloyd, and Asian World Grand Registrar, Prof Sir A. Prabhul.

According to UNESCO Laureate, WAC is an official partner of UNESCO. United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization, UNESCO & World Accreditation Commission, WAC. Also, that the two Institutions recently signed agreement to boost quality assurance of higher education systems and strengthen cooperation in their partnership action plan.

He said: “The plan enabled both institutions to conduct an in-depth study of the global higher education landscape and trends across regions of the world. Also, the Overall tasks revolve around the following: identifying team of experts for conducting the study and producing report from each region.The WAC and UNESCO team is made up of the following three persons: Professor Emilio Luis Abad (UNESCO), Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu (WAC), and Professor Boseline Prabhul (WAC).

“WAC Provides a framework for the external review of quality in higher education institutions. WAC assists members to determine the standards of institutions operating across national borders and facilitate better-informed international recognition of qualifications. WAC reviews Quality Assurance agencies to determine alignment to Guidelines of Good Practice and the WAC Procedures Manual. WAC assists in the development and use of credit transfer and credit accumulation schemes to enhance the mobility of students between institutions (within and across national borders). WAC enables members to be alert to improper quality assurance practices and organisations. WAC do organises on request, reviews of the operation of members”.

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