#Climate Change#: UNACCC Is Committed To Advocacy For Sustainable World- UNESCO Laureate, Aremu.*

….As Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu Says, UNAccc In Partnership With UN Global Compact Remains World Leading Advocacy Group On Global SDGs, Agenda 2030 Attainment

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

UNESCO Laureate and Member of World Grand Board of Trustees, Unity of All Nations Action for Climate Change Council (UNAccc), Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu has said that his group, UNAccc, Indian based International Non-governmental Organization working in the thematic areas of Advocacy for a Sustainable world, Climate resilience, developing strategic framework for identifying low carbon opportunities all over the world, promoting awareness for the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Advocacy for human rights social justice, partnership with United Nations Global Compact, that group is poised towards using Advocacy, Education, Organization and other Strategies to Checkmating the adverse effects of climate change on different sectors of the society.

Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu who is member of UNAccc World Grand Board of Trustees and Vice Chancellor-Crown University Int’l Chartered Inc. in USA which is teaching and research hospital campus is located at Santa Cruz Province in Argentina South America with official partners constituents Campuses at government regulated universities world wide and online operation

made this remark today being on Thursday, 8th December, 2022 , when asked by our reporter in a telephone conversation to brief the media on the outcome of the 6th December, 2022 UNAccc’s Global Summit For “Climate Change Resilience And Global Action Plan” held via social media by the group National, global leaders from all the countries of the World.

According to *UNESCO Laureate, World Acclaimed Distinguished Universities Research Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu stated that, Climate Change encompasses increase in the global average temperature, warming or weather condition, or refers to broader range of changes happening to our planet earth, including rising sea levels, shrinking. It is a periodic modifications of the Earth climate that occurs on the planet earth as a result of changes in the atmospheric condition, or human activities. It also a significant variation of average weather conditions, becoming warmer, wetter, drier over several decades or longer.

The World Acclaimed Distinguished Universities Professor of Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, noted further that, “when when a problem is known it is half solved”. He stressed that, some of the examples of Climate Change such as droughts, storms, high temperature (heat), and other disasters add enormous amounts of greenhouse gases to those naturally occurring in the atmosphere thereby increasing mortality, the greenhouse effect, global warning, disease spread and health related issues, damage to ecosystems, Infrastructure, hinders food availability, reduces productivity.

Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu added that, the major causes of Climate Change which Included amongst others are: Apart of its natural occurrence, human activities such as Deforestation(Agriculture- farming & Livestock production), Manufacturing, Transportation, Buildings, Food Production processes, Consumption etcetera with its negative impacts on man and his environment requires solutions by way of resilience and action plan for a positive results and achievement of a set a objective, goal or strategy.

He said: Afforestation, or deliberate tree planting, strategic plan for a cleaner environment, well refined, intelligent policies to regulate transportation policies, Manufacturing, Agricultural operations such as cattle rearing, bush burning, food production, consumption and others are the major wayforward to the menace of Climate Change to checkmate global warming.

He stated further that Climate Change Resilience And Action Plan is very crucial towards mitigating the negative impact of the menace on man and his environment. According to him, an action plan which is a sequence of steps, an outline, detailed plan, a document that lays out tasks towards accomplishing your goals, objectives or strategies encompasses has four key steps: Identify, Assign, Assess and improve.

In his words: “Resilience And Adaptation Strategies are needed in solving the problem of Climate Change as the former, that is resilience gives people the ability, capacity to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, cope with hazardous events on climate related risks, shocks, or disturbances; recover from the shocks from the negative Impacts of Climate Change in a timely and efficient manner . The latter, that is, Adaptation is the action that changes a living thing so that it is better able to survive in a new environment”.

“To Achieve Climate Resilience, there is obvious need for Climate Resilient Development which means reducing exposure and vulnerability to Climate hazards, risks, shocks by way of cutting out greenhouse emissions and conserving biodiversity. This action plan will be given the highest regulatory attention, or priorities in everyday decision-making and policies in all aspects, sectors of the economy such as Energy, Industry, Health, Water, Food and others”.

” Those who attended the UNAccc virtual Global Summit on Climate Change Resilience And Action Plan were UNAccc’s Special Guests National & Global Board leaders included amongst others are: Inaugural program by: Sri. Harivallabh Katherina, Fmr. Cabinet Minister of Government of India, Keynote Speaker, Sri. Pradeep Ghandhi, Frm. Member of Parliament, Government of India, Workshop Chairman, Dr. Kamal Taori IAS, National Chairman, UNAccc, Guests of Honor And Speaker: IAS Shri Ajay Mishra, National Vice Chairman, UNAccc and other numerous Speakers and Guests of Honor that graced the event”.

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