*UNESCO Laureate Endorses Prof Joseph Olusola Aina For CUICI’s Post Doctorate Degree In “Int’l Financial Crimes investigation”.*

….UNESCO Laureate Endorses Prof Joseph Olusola Aina For CUICI’s Post Doctorate Degree

……… VC CUICI, USA University, Says, Prof Joseph Olusola Aina Has Contributed Immensely To Global Entrepreneurship, Educational & Investment Development

………Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu Says, Nigerian Bred Professor of Entrepreneurship Economics, Risks, Estate & Wealth Management Is A Versatile Educationist, Administrator.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu, UNESCO Laureate and Vice- Chancellor, Crown University Int’l Chartered Inc., USA with its teaching and research hospital campuses located at Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, Brazil in South America, Spain also in India with official partners constituent campuses at government regulated universities Worldwide and online operation, has said that, the former Vice-Chancellor, Yahweh Hills University, South Africa (2018-2022), Prof Joseph Olusola Aina has contributed immensely to global risks management, entrepreneurship & Educational development, Investment growth & wealth creation towards socio-economic sustainable development as he endorses him to bag Post Doctorate Degree from Crown University International Chartered Inc (CUICI), USA.

The media learnt this from CUICI VC, World Acclaimed Distinguished Universities Research Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu in a press statement personally signed by him, which was made available to some group of Journalists in Asaba, Delta State capital by UNESCO Laureate’s Executive Assistant on Media, Publicity and Communication Matters, Comrade Sir Bieni Victor Emenike today being on Friday, 1st September, 2023. UNESCO Laureate stated that, Prof Joseph Olusola Aina, Kwara State born, Nigerian bred seasoned administrator, Management cum Financial expert has contributed immensely to 21st century world educator and researcher, global Entrepreneurship guru, highly experienced property development and estate management , Risks management and investment development expert, Wealth creation & World renowned Management Scientist.

CUICI VC, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu noted that, he endorsed the current Executive Board Member of London School of Business & Management, United Kingdom, UK, Prof Joseph Olusola Aina for the University’s Post Doctorate Degree in “Financial Crimes Investigation and owing to his versatility in all fields of Education and Research, Risks and project Management, Investment development, Finance and Administration, general studies and contributions to the growth and development of humanity. According to UNESCO Laureate, “Prof Joseph Olusola Aina has bagged Honorary Professor of Entrepreneurship management at ‘European Continental University’- 2021.
He has served as a Professor of Business and Deen of Ghana Campus at the ‘Western Orthodox University’ – 2017. He has served as Associate Professor of management at Graduate School of Management’ UK Ghana Ghana Campus- 2014. He has served as Senior Lecturer / Reader, BMFI (university college ) 2012″.

“Prof Joseph Olusola Aina has served as Academic Center coordinator, Ambrose Ali University, Abuja Studies center for Post graduate Diploma and MBA programs. 2008 to 2012. He is based in Accra, Ghana, and Durban, South Africa. PROFESSOR JOSEPH OLUSOLA AINA , is an experienced academic with a special focus, passion and flair for entrepreneurship. He has global experiences and international connections with his personal desire to always develop himself so as to be an Ambassador that promotes excellence and good quality education for all categories of learning across all areas of specialization within the economic and social educational spheres, such that all interested learners and students in Africa and beyond can partake from his wealth of knowledge which he has intelligently combined together via his network of like minded intellectuals and their international Institutions, educational resource services, and education associations across Africa and internationally”.

“Professor Joseph Aina has always employed the pursuit of eternal values as his self-motivation and his driving force to continuously pursue growth and development of himself and all around him via continuous education and learning using exceptional skills and strategies. His primary aim as an academician and entrepreneur has always been to uphold his passion for getting the right knowledge and its application which is Wisdom in integrity at all times and in every situation, so as to always contribute his quota to the success of every team he is in and in every entrepreneurial venture he participates in. Prof Joseph Olusola Aina was born on 2nd April, 1972 at Ilorin, Kwara state. He bagged his BSc. (Hons) in Geography from University of Ilorin, Ilorin, kwara State in 1995. Also, bagged his MSc in Management science in ,(shipping, project and oil and gas management ) from Western Orthodox university, Florida, USA in 1998. Also, bagged his LLB in Civil Law in the year 2017. And MA in Property law from Western Orthodox University, USA in 2019”.

“He bagged PhD in Entrepreneurship Economics and Policies from Western Orthodox University, USA, 2003. Another PhD in Global management from western Orthodox university, 2017. Also, bagged Doctor of Project Management (DPM ) & (project Economics.)
IICPM, 2018. He has bagged PhD in Theology from
ANCCI UNIVERSITY, Delawe, USA in 2021. Prof Joseph Olusola Aina has now qualified for a topnotch degree from CUICI, USA. He has been endorsed and awarded POST DOCTORAL DEGREE in International Financial Crimes and Investigation @ Crown University International Chartered inc, USA 2023. Prof Joseph Olusola Aina has 98 publications in both local and international journals. Also 16 published books to his name”.

• President, Kingson Management and Health Institute, Accra, Ghana. Registrar/Chief Executive, International Institute of Chartered Educational Practitioners, South Africa. And Nigeria. Prof Joseph Olusola Aina is the President, Global Institute of chartered Risk, Investment, and Wealth Management, South Africa. Prof Joseph Olusola Aina is the Director For Africa International Institute of Chartered Project Managers, UK. Prof Joseph Olusola Aina has served as the Vice Chancellor, Yahweh Hills University, South Africa from 2018 -2022. He is the C.E.O, J C Crown Property and Estate management Ltd, Ghana.Prof Joseph Olusola Aina is the CEO, Yahweh Hills Educational Consultancy, Lagos. He is the Nigeria Senior Executive Assessor and Verifier for West Africa. UK- Commission for consistent learning”.

Prof Aremu stated that, CUICI USA is a global recognized private University that offers vocational training and higher education. Crown University International Chartered Incorporated is licensed, has global accreditation with International Accreditation Agencies, Joint National Accreditation Bodies to serve as an autonomous global recognized University, offering education and practical skill in the courses taught at its official partners constituent campuses at government regulated universities worldwide and online operation. According to the VC, Crown University International Chartered is an entity duly Incorporated under the International Laws of 1704, 1776, and 1787 of United States of America with chartered file number: 7594662 as a worldwide recognized teaching and research University logo with International trade mark number receipt number:668383, customer number: 270163, United States of America.

The VC, CUICI, USA is the World Grand President, International Chartered World Learned Society (ICWLS), he is the World Acclaimed Distinguished Universities Research Professor and Editorial Board Member, Cambridge Publishing, United Kingdom. He is known as World Acclaimed Distinguished Universities Research Professor of Computer Science, Information Communication Technology in different global and Nigerian Universities such as Novena University, Ogume, Delta State, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, Edo State, Imo State University, Imo State, Kaduna State University, Gregory University, Uturu, Abia State.

UNESCO Laureate is the Pioneer Member Board of Trustees of Minaret International University, Ikurun, Osun State, Nigeria to mention but a few. And other Global Universities such as West Coast University of Science, Technology & Arts, Bharat University, India. CUICI VC, is also a World Acclaimed Distinguished Universities Research Professor at Pradesh, Mandsaur, Mother Theresa Women University, India, World Congress of Arts, Sciences & Communication, as had served as Deputy Director-General for Africa And Research Professor at International Biographical Centre. Prof Aremu is cited in the World recognized publications by Famous Marquis Who’s is Who in the World.

The statement by CUICI VC, World Acclaimed Distinguished Universities Research Professor of Computer Science, Information Communication Technology reads in parts: “As the Vice-Chancellor of Crown University International Chartered Inc CUICI, USA, I, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu use this medium to commend Prof Joseph Olusola Aina for his learnings, contributions to global sustainable development. Also, I commend the highest academic feats he has attained, experiences acquired over the years, his immense contributions to international education and global Socio-economic development”.

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