*The Leader of Warri South West Legislative Arm, Hon. Odin-Etuwewe Sponsors Bill To Improve Girl-Child Education At Primary School Level.*

…..Emiko Odin-Etuwewe Sponsors LG Bill To Improve Girl-Child Education

…..As The Leader Of The Legislative Arm Pioneered Public Hearing Strategies In The History Of The Warri South West LGA.

… Hon. Emiko Odin-Etuwewe Says, Improved Girl-Child Education At Primary School Level Is Fixable Despite Challenges

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

The Leader of the Legislative Arm, Warri South West LGA of Delta State, Hon. Emiko Odin-Etuwewe, has said that a Bill to improve Girl-Child Education at Primary School level is underway as the legislator conducts, Pioneered first ever public hearing in the history of the Local Government to get the opinion of stakeholders the proposed Bill, expresses confidence that the identified challenges are fixable in line with grassroots parameters.

The media learnt this from the Leader of Warri South West LGA Legislative Arm, Hon Emiko Odin-Etuwewe today being on Monday, June 5, 2023 in a Telephone conversation as he reacted to a media question on the outcome of the public hearing and its relevance to the promotion of grassroots, rural development and sustainable development of Delta State.

You could recall that in 2022 UNESCO reports, estimated 129 million girls globally including 32 million of primary school age are out of school children as the society especially the grassroots populace is currently faced with negative effects of climate change, most importantly the challenges of illiteracy, inequality as biggest causes of poverty.

Hon. Emiko Odin-Etuwewe states that the essence of the public hearing are as follows: To bring stakeholders together at grassroots level to brainstorm on the challenges and solutions to children education, especially Girl-Child education at Primary School level, to allow people share their opinion on possible solutions to the challenges that are fixable in line with analysed parameters.

Hon. Emiko Odin-Etuwewe then commended the massive turned out of critical stakeholders at the event at the Warri South West LGA of Delta State stated that, “as the Leader of the Legislative Arm, that he initiated and now, sponsoring the Bill to promote increased Girl-Child education at Primary School”. He noted further that, the public hearing as pioneered by him, that attracted over 300 grassroots people, critical stakeholders was first of its kind in the history of the Warri South West LGA.

He noted that the 6th Assembly in the Local Government as it concerns the Bill as championed by him, will encourage increased education of Girl-Child so as to ensure that children claim their rights; promote their skills, future career, reduce illiteracy, inequality and poverty, to realize their potentials in every sectors- politically, socially, economically, and otherwise.

He finally thanked The Executive Chairman of Warri South West LGA for his excellent management style. He also, commended the wife of the OLU OF WARRI KINGDOM, Ms Orode Uduaghan, the daughter of the former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, the traditional institutions, community leaders, Youths, Women and other critical stakeholders in Warri South West LGA of Delta State for gracing the occasion pen-ultimate weekend at the LG legislative Arm.

Hon. Emiko Odin-Etuwewe while commending his colleagues, other legislators for their support to the Bill. He promised to sponsor more Bills enforce, implement bye-laws that will support children education in the Local Government Area.

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