The COALITION OF UNITED POLITICAL PARTIES(CUPP),DELTA STATE CHAPTER, has been partnering with Senator Ned Nwoko , the Senator representing Delta North Senatorial in the red chambers since 2018.

It was CUPP that first urged Senator Ned Nwoko to run for Senate in 2019 in a full page, self sponsored Vanguard Advertorial.

In 2023 when he again contested for the same position, CUPP played a supportive role . As Senator of the Federal Republic, Senator Ned Nwoko was stepping into the big shoes vacated by Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa in 2015. This is because the two term Senatorial stint of the immediate past Senator representing the Delta North Senatorial District, Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is often regarded as lack lustre.

It is flowing from all the above that CUPP had opted to evaluate the performance of Senator Ned Nwoko viewed from the prism of a coalition of Political parties.

For the past one year, Senator Nwoko has churned out several landmark bills and motions. Some of the motions have been sponsored on the floor of the Senate while others have been submitted for consideration and listing

(1)Need to investigate the incessant and nefarious Acts of crude oil thefts in the Niger Delta and its actors
(2)Urgent Need to Fortify Security, tackle surge of Kidnappings in FCT, Nigeria

(3)Need to address the unexplained delay in Electrifying step down of Okpai Independent Power plant


(1)Urgent need for African Nations to attain Veto power at the United Nations Security council
(2)Need to redress, Healing and Reconciliation for the Grievous 1967 Asaba Massacre
(3)Need to demand Reparations for Historical injustices and Mitigation of Neocolonialism in Nigeria, African Nations.
(4)Urgent Need to Stop Gas Flaring and Enforce Anti- Gas Flaring Regulations in Ndokwa Land and the Niger Delta Region
(5)Urgent Action Needed to fortify Security, Tackle surge of Kidnapping in FCT, Following the Tragic Abduction of 19 individuals in Galadimawa
(6)Need for the Establishment of Social Media platform offices in Nigeria for Economic Advancement and Efficient Dispute Resolution
(7)Need to upgrade All Federal Medical Centres in Nigeria to international Standards and For All Public Servants to seek Medical Treatment Exclusively Within Nigerian Health care Facilities
(8) Urgent Need For a National Dialogue with Separatist Groups in Nigeria to genuinely and Amicably Resolve all Issues
(9)Compelling Need to Ban Importation of All Essential Goods and Locally Producible Items In Nigeria
(10)Need to address the Unexplained Delay of Electricity Supply in Ndokwa Land and step down of Okpai Independent Power Plant
(11)Urgent Need to Discourage any Military intervention in Niger Republic by ECOWAS
(12)Urgent Action Required to address the Ongoing Israeli- Palestinian Conflict
(13)Urgent Need to End Compulsory Police Reports Before Emergency Medical Treatment
(14)Compelling Need to Enforce Nationwide Ban on Movement of Heavy-Duty Vehicles in Daytime
(15)Need For FIntech Companies in Nigeria to Ensure Stricter Security Standards Amid rapid Growth
(16)Need for Emergency Action to Address Security Threats Posed by Fulani Herdsmen and Miscreants in Delta State
(17)Urgent Action Required to End Payment of Salaries in Foreign Currencies for Workers in Nigeria

The Senator has sponsored some bills on the floor of the senate while some others have been listed

(1) One Month Rent Limitation and Landlord Registry Act
(2)Electoral Courts Establishment and Jurisdiction Act
(3)A bill for an Act to Establish Waste Management and Malaria Eradication Agency(Passed first reading)
(4)A Bill for an Act to Establish the Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurship Grant Program with an Agency for Oversight (listed)
(5) Compulsory Professional Indemnity Act
(6) Cashless Asset Acquisition Act
(7) A bill for an act to alter the Firearms (As altered) to provide for Self Defence and personal Firearm Ownership and for related matters (Passed first reading)
(8)A bill for an Acf to Repeal the Coroners Act CAP C17 laws of the Federal 2004 and Re-Enact of the Coroners Systems Act and other Related Matters 2023
(9) A bill for an Act to alter the 1999 constitution(as altered) to provide for Diaspora Voting and for related matters(Listed)
(10) A bill for an Act to Establish laws governing the Election of Nigerians into the ECOWAS Parliament
(11) The Act Establishing the Parliamentary Governance System
(12)A bill for an Act to Amend the Nigerian Defence Academy in Delta State and other Related Matters
(13)An Act to upgrade Ogwashi- Uku Polytechnic to a Federal University of Technology
(14)A Bill for an Act to Make Provision For the Registration and Grant of Licence for the Use of Private Security Companies in Nigeria to Complement the Activities of the Military in the Defence of the Nation,s Territory and For Other Related Purposes
(15)A Bill for an Act to Alter the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,1999 to Provide For the Mandatory First Aid,Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR),Automated External Defibrillator (AED)Training at Homes, Schools,And The Adoption of the Good Samaritan Laws and Matters Connected Therewith, 2024
(16)A Bill for an Act to Establish the National Talent Rehabilitation and Integration Agency,And for related Matters,2024
(17)A Bill for an Act to Alter the Public Service Rules(2021) As Altered to provide for the Extension of the Retirement Age of Civil/Public Servants and for matters connected therewith
(18)A Bill for an Act to Alter the Central Bank of Nigeria Act,2007,to provide for the prohibition of Foreign Currency payment for remuneration
(19)A Bill for an Act to Establish the Ministry of Social Services, to provide for the Management of disadvantaged populations and for Related matters
(20)A Bill for an Act to establish the National Centre For Substance Abuse Management (NCSAM) in kwale, and Related matters Delta State,Nigeria .
(21) A bill for an Act to upgrade Federal College of Education (Technical)Asaba,To Federal University of Education
(21) Mandatory Military Service for Youths (Establishment)
(23)National Vigilante Group Bill(Establishment)

The above bills and motions , which deal with virtually all aspects of our National life have won Senator Ned Nwoko the title of SUPER SENATOR

Some of the above motions and bills have formed part of National discourse in recent times.

For instance ,Senator Ned Nwoko,s advocacy for Social media Organizations to open offices in Nigeria has gained Nationwide appeal as some media organizations such as Twitter (X), Facebook,Instagram,TikTok, WhatsApp ,YouTube,Snapchat and many more were doing profitable business in Nigeria without paying tax to the country.

Senator Ned,s advocacy on the regulated use of firearms has also become one of popular debates in Nigeria .Other bills and motions which have become very popular amongst Nigerians are the one Month regulatory Rent Bill, the advocacy that Nigeria should make steps toward revaluing the naira as well as his campaign for talented persons who have committed some form of misdemeanor to be called upon to improve on our local technology instead of being criminalized.

Senator Ned was perhaps alluding to the Incident of the Onicha Olona Arm factory where an entire family were arrested over an”illegal arms factory “ which has successfully modified the AK 47 to allow for its magazine
to accommodate 60 rounds of ammunition instead of the usual 30 rounds .

The arms factory also is noted to produce 10 guns a week at a time when the Defence Industry Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) is struggling to manufacture arms locally.

Senator Ned may also have alluded to the destruction of so called illegal refineries in the Niger Delta, rather than harness their ingenious potentials to achieve local refining capacity that can lead to establishment of modular refineries in the country.

We can go on and on but space cannot allow us
The Delta North Senatorial district has felt the impact of Senator Ned Nwoko,s superlative representation. The Senator has stepped up oversight on the Okpai IPP project to ensure its early completion. Worried by the delay in electricity distribution to Delta North from the Okpai plant and the stalled 132KV transmission line Project, the Senator recently paid a visit to the Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu and the Managing Director of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to get the requisite answers regarding the Okpai electricity project.

Senator Nwoko has also followed up strongly on the early completion of the Ogwashi Uku dam which started long ago but has suffered several setbacks.The proactive Senator has vowed to see to its completion within his first tenure in the Senate even if it means getting the Delta State government to takeover the project from the Federal Government.

It is also gratifying that the Senator has facilitated another dam at Idumuje Ugboko, a project that has been admitted into the 2024 National budget .

The Senator has fashioned out some entrepreneurial schemes to empower his constituents, with some already done while others are on the drawing board . His elated constituents thronged his town hall meeting on the 3rd of May, 2024 to hear first hand the account of his stewardship to the Delta North people.

The occasion also was marked by the launching of his state of the art campaign office Asaba

The COALITION OF UNITED POLITICAL PARTIES (CUPP) scores Senator Ned Nwoko very high as a lawmaker, as a representative of Delta North in the red Chambers and for his iconic oversight functions.

As the only Delta State PDP Senator he has upped the template for effective leadership and representation. CUPP was full of admiration for Senator Nwoko when he collaborated with his counterparts in Delta central and Delta South to effect the release of the Monarch of Ewu Kingdom, HRM clement Ikolo, following his arrest by the Military over the Killing of 16 soldiers at Okuama in Ughelli South

We urge Senator Nwoko to be unrelenting in his mandate as his name will be written in Gold when the Political history of Delta North Senatorial district is being recorded

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