*Nsaka: The Nigerian Economy Cannot Thrive On a Faulty Foundation*.

***”Nsaka Says, “The Nigerian Economy cannot thrive on a Faulty Foundation”.

*** 100 Days In Office: Nsaka, Youngest 2023 Nigerian Female Presidential Aspirant Scores President Tinubu’s Administration Low

***As Joyce Nsaka Suggests A New Name For Nigeria: “United African Empire”.

*** “Nigerian Citizens Are Hungry- Joyce Nsaka As She Kicks Against Subsidy Removal, Other FGN Obnoxious Policies.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

Nigeria’s youngest female Presidential aspirant for the 2023 general elections who contested under the platform of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Joyce Ogochukwu Nsaka, has said that Nigerian economy cannot thrive in a faulty foundation as she scored President Tinubu low in his one hundred days in office while condemning the FGN’s poor economic Policy on fuel subsidy removal and other leadership insensitivities very conspicuous in this present administration; suggested ways to make Nigeria a great nation worthy of emulation.

Speaking in an interview with our reporter today being on Wednesday, 6th Day of September, 2023 in Asaba, Delta State Capital, she stated:
“Tinubu has given bogus allowances, salaries increase and other emoluments to his Ministers, Federal Lawmakers and other public office holders in this present administration”.

Joyce Ogochukwu Nsaka noted that Tinubu has failed Nigerians judging from his hundred days in office. She lamented that, President Tinubu is very insensitive of the plight of Nigerian citizens who are currently passing through unimaginable sufferings; languishing in pains, hunger, diseases and starvation as a result of the negative, excruciating effects of the fuel subsidy removal”.

According to her, “the country needs people with corruption-free records, technocrats, patriotic leaders and a total overhaul to end insecurity and other crimes such as kidnapping, terrorism, Youths unemployment, business collapse which she said the vulnerable citizens are at the receiving end of it all”

“Where do we begin to analyse the current administration? Is the removal of fuel subsidy without ensuring that the most vulnerable population is protected from the negative impact which is evident in the high cost of living, severe hunger, joblessness, business collapse? There is so much insecurity, terrorist and kidnappers are still having a field day”.

“What about the free fall of the naira that currently exchanges at almost #1000 to $1? Or how can we explain the decision of the president to deploy troops to Niger,that alone could likely trigger a war between Nigeria and Niger and cause many to die.

” Even looking at the cabinet ministers, some are recycled politicians who are either criminals or accomplice and most of them cannot be described as technocrats and have little or nothing to offer”.

” Also the arrest of some few past leaders is mere victimisation, over 80percent of the past and present crop of leaders are selfish, corrupt and unpatriotic , they have no interest of the people at heart, they mismanage , divert and embezzle the nations resources. The resources that are meant to cater for the citizens”.

Nsaka then suggested the Way-forward to end the endemic Nigeria’s Leadership problems. She said: “We must address the issue of Nigeria from its foundation. The independence we claim we got in 1960 was a pure hypocrisy. Who were the leaders at that time?”

In her words: “How did they emerge? Why on earth should we still bear a meaningless name: “Nigeria”? A name given to us by a foreigner, the mistress of Lord Lugard. We must be courageous enough to change that name, to a more meaningful name. A name that truly reveals our identity as a sovereign nation, blessed with so much Natural resources, a name such as United African Empire”.

” Again, the constitutional conflict that led to the civil war, is yet to be resolved, the 1999 constitution needs to be abolished and rewritten, possibly in line with the 1960 constitution . Take a look at the National Anthem, in 1960, it’s sounds more powerful and has better meaning than what we have presently”, she stressed.

Joyce Nsaka stated that, our nation needs a total overhaul, because it has gone from bad to worse as we must retrace our steps and correct past errors.

She noted that, Leadership is Service to humanity, added that, a leader cannot go home with a fat salary and allowances, when the people they represent are hungry”.

She agreed that we need to save money for developmental purposes, but the sacrifice that needs to be made must begin with the leaders. Also, that those fat allowances and the total cost of governance needs to be reduced by 80 percent.

“I am of the opinion that in the best interest of the citizens of Nigeria, certain structures should be put in place to address the fundamental issues plaguing the Nation. Our country must uphold Good governance and Equity”.

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