*New Scientific Discovery: Asian, Indian Scientist, Dr. Tarun Pal Breaks Another World Records “Debuts New Methods, Creates New Substances” For ‘Preserving The Bodies of Extinct Animal, Plant Species; Endangered Living Organisms’.*

Asian, Indian Scientist, Researcher, Professor, Children Educator & Motivational Speaker has Invented New Methods Of Preserving The ‘Bodies Of Extinct Animals, Plants.’

Dr. Tarun Pal has brought an extraordinary and innovative method of preserving the bodies of extinct animals and plants to the forefront of science. For several years, he has been carrying out an unparalleled endeavor.

Maintaining a strong bond between humans and the preservation of the integrity of nature is crucial. However, rapid urbanization, deforestation, excessive use of plastics, and various detrimental human activities have been gradually breaking this vital bond. Different species of animals, insects, and plants are disappearing day by day. With this issue in mind, Dr. Tarun Pal has been engaged in an extraordinary mission for the past few years. Through scientific methods, he preserves the bodies of vanishing animals and insects after their demise. His work has been recognized with numerous national and international awards and accolades, starting from his family and extending to the community.

Dr. Tarun Pal completed his graduation from Sonamukhi College and M.Sc from Darjeeling Hills University. He has obtained more than 200+ Ph.D. degrees. He resides in the village of Bowai Chandi in Purba Bardhaman. His father’s name is Nitayananda Pal, his mother’s name is Jharnadevi, His Great Uncle Astrologer Prof. Dr. Premananda Pal and he has a sister named Monisha Pal.

Since his primary school days, Tarun Pal has shown a keen interest in learning about various animals, insects, and plants. During that time, he began gathering knowledge about them. As he progressed through high school, he became aware that not only dinosaurs but also numerous other animals and insects were gradually becoming extinct from the Earth. His teachers and various books helped him understand that urbanization, deforestation, plastic usage, and various human activities were primarily responsible for this extinction. While studying in higher secondary school, he made the decision to preserve the bodies of different animals and insects. Regarding this decision, Tarun stated, “Even after their extinction, the preserved bodies of these creatures can provide us with information about them in future generations.”

Tarun Pal further explained that urbanization has encroached upon forest areas in rural regions as well. Additionally, pollution has increased, especially with the excessive use of plastics and pesticides. Due to these factors, various animals and insects are disappearing. In light of this situation, Tarun Pal initiated the preservation of dead rabbit bodies using a unique approach. For this task, he applied the knowledge he acquired from using knives and glassware in the school laboratory.

He said, “First, I remove tendons and other parts from the dead rabbit body using a knife and glassware. Then, I prepare a ‘Chemical and Villages Dry fishing System’ of my own creation, which involves immersing the rabbit’s body in saltwater for 7-8 hours. After that, I dry it. The entire intact part of the rabbit’s body remains preserved within the glass jar, free from oxygen. Even after 5-6 years, the rabbit body remains intact within the glass. There is no decay.”

Using the same method, Tarun Pal has preserved the bodies of frogs, locusts, snake embryos, butterflies, earthworms, moths, bats, owls, and various species of flowers. He has received recognition and awards from national and international platforms for this groundbreaking achievement. In addition to the pride felt by his family, including his father Nitayananda Pal and mother Jharnadevi, Tarun’s neighbors also celebrate his success.

Tarun’s father, Nitayananda, expressed, “Initially, I couldn’t understand what my son wanted to achieve by preserving the bodies of dead animals and insects. But gradually, I realized the depth of his vision and passion for the future generations to learn about the extinct animals and insects right within our home.”

Tarun’s mother, Jharnadevi, mentioned that besides his work on preserving the bodies of animals and insects, Tarun is also working on a research-based book targeted at children.

Asit Kumar Bagdi, a member of the Khandaghosh District Council and the president of the Panchayat Committee, has also acknowledged Tarun Pal’s work. They have assured Tarun of any necessary support and commended his endeavors.

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