*M.O.R.E Agenda: PCMC Urges Tola To Repent, Stop Floating Unknown, Fictitious PDP Support Group In Delta *


………As 235 Group Leaders Reply Tola, Caution Him Not To Drag DTSG, Delta Elders Council Into His Dirty Politics.

…….Urges Him To Stop Floating Fictitious Group In Delta State As Directorate of Volunteer Support Group Passes Vote of Confidence On Oborevwori, PDP Leaders.

……..PCMC Lectures, Clarifies Tola On Authentic, Existing Delta Guber 2023 PDP Volunteer/Support Groups.

As part of efforts towards correcting a wrong impression, sending words of caution to political jobbers with no followers and those who have formed the habit of using blackmail to pull down hard-working political actors in Delta State. The leadership of Former 2023 PDP Presidential Management Council called the “Directorate of Volunteer Support Group”, Delta State Chapter, has warned one Adm Tola O Ajimisogbe to as a matter of urgency refrain from floating a fictitious group called “Coalition of Delta State PDP Support Group as such group is unknown, alien to Deltans and not known to political actors in Delta State.

The 235 Volunteer Support Group Leaders made this remark today being on Thursday, February 15, 2024 in a press statement made available to some group of Journalists in Asaba, Delta State capital by the Secretary of the Directorate, Hon. Prince Philip Igwenwanne as signed by the 235 group leaders today, as they all disagreed with one Tola Ajimisogbe to have peddled fake news and made Gibberish, false, amateurish, inexperienced publications as posted on Facebook, a media reports which he said was made on behalf of PDP Support groups in Delta State.

You could recall that during the 2023 Guber election Delta State, PDP had three Directorates that registered support groups. First, we have the PDP party’s support group as headed by the former Secretary to Delta State Government, Hon. Ovie Festus Agas and Mother of Government, Dame Nkem Okwuofu. Second, Delta Political Vanguard (DPV) Support Group as headed by Hon Michael Diden (a.k.a Ejele), Hon. Ifeanyi Oboigbe and Sanco. Third, which is the largest is Presidential Campaign Management Council (PCMC) called the Directorate of Volunteer/Support Group as headed by Hon. Jeff Ezeagwu, Hon. Prince Philip Igwenwanne and Hon Nkechi Chukwurah. According to the 235 group leaders, the above are the only recognised Support Group Directorates during Delta 2023 Guber election.

235 group leaders under the above PCMC then frowned at the false claims that they were group of militancy and protesters out to discredit the Government as group leaders. The leadership of the 235 group described Tola as a political Jobber urges him to refrain From politics of blackmail as Deltans know their political worths and sacrifices in Oborevwori’s administration. They stated that Tola’s fictitious Facebook publication justifies his usual attitude of a political Jobber, paymaster looking for genuine movement, groups and individuals to discredit and hijack for self-aggrandisement.

The press statement by PCMC, Directorate of Volunteer/ Support Group reads in parts: ” Tola seems not to understand the meaning of inclusivity and neglect which were the two words he capitalized on making his baseless, gibberish publications full of falsehood, propaganda and fake news. We are not aware of the existence of any group before, during or after the 2023 Guber election in Delta State called: “Coalition of PDP Support Group Coordinators in Delta State. Deltans, PDP political leaders, Chieftains, Members and critical stakeholders in Delta State are fully aware of our Directorate’s existence.”

“We urge you to refrain From falsehood and criminality as no group exists in the name you used to draw attention to yourself. Don’t drag our highly respected political leaders, party elders such as Dame Nkem Okuofu, Ovie Agas, Sam Oyavbaire into your dirty, deceitful, unloyal, and confused political lifestyle. See some highlights on your five paragraphs, gibberish Facebook publications with the following phrases. First paragraphs which read thus: …. Protesters to discredit our hard-working Governor. Also, PDP has only one Support Group…… In his second paragraphs:…..the insinuation of this so called Directorate is untrue. ……the Governor never neglected PDP support groups in Delta. …. Legal battle……In his third paragraphs: …..Coalition of PDP Support Group’s forthcoming lecture & Peace Awards presentation under his… Distinguished Chairmanship”.

“Tola, the above gibberish statements as credited to you exposes your kindergarten knowledge in terms of sound political theory. Tola is an unstable politician. He was appointed as a member of PCMC, but worked against PDP. The evidence is found in one of his publications before the 2023 presidential election. He left our Directorate like a prodigal son without a follower. Tola, you have now turned, assigned yourself the duties as Governor Oborevwori’s Information Commissioner, Political Adviser and every government offices that are fully aware of our existence, sacrifices, full commitment to our great party PDP. We have approached every stakeholders, consultations made to our members before calling for dialogue. Our publications was made in good faith”.

“We urge the Governor to look into, address our concerns as loyal party members, leaders and stakeholders. Our publications was not to discredit our Governor’s efforts. We know he is working but you cannot deprive a baby from crying when the need arises. We as stakeholders and true Deltans worked hard for his victory and we also have exclusive rights to ask for a reward. We were part of every Governor Oborevwori’s struggles- electioneering campaign, legal battle and solidarity concerns. To this end, your statements were made to paint and blackmail us, very deceitful, baseless, gibberish and childish. It should not be taken very seriously by our amiable Governor, Party Leaders and Deltans as it shows your usual way of posing as a political Jobber, paymaster.

“A word of advice for you Tola: An adage says that, ‘a tree cannot make a forest’. Repent from your political deceit! We as group Leaders believe in the Government of the Executive Governor of Delta State, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Oborevwori. We are committed to PDP Government. We believe in M.O.R.E Agenda . We know that the Governor is a Youth friendly Governor with the mind of inclusivity, but then, we will not allow political Jobbers to take what belongs To us as group leaders who sacrificed our time, money, resources and others for his victory”.

“Governor Sheriff Oborevwori is a father to all Deltans, therefore your fictitious Facebook group, without single follower should be sidelined by Delta State Government. Our pledge, loyalty and support remains with PDP and the leadership of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. (Elder) Sheriff Oborevwori. The Diirectorate of volunteer group hereby pass a vote of confidence on our working Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, the leadership of Nkem Okwuofu, mother of government, our leader Hon fastus Agas and all leaders of our great party”.

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