*M.O.R.E Agenda: Directorate of Volunteer/Support Group Accuses DTSG of Neglects, Marginalisation, Exclusion From Governance.*

……Inclusive Governance: “Let Us Dialogue Now, Not Fight”, 235 Group Leaders Tells Oborevwori.

…………As Oborevwori’s Directorate of Volunteer/ Support Group Accuses DTSG of Neglects, Marginalization, Exclusion From M.O.R.E Agenda Policy.

……Group Leaders Cry Out, Seeks Collaboration, Urges Governor Oborevwori To Give Their Course A Priority Attention.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

As part of efforts towards ensuring the fulfilment of campaign promises to reap the benefits of the M.O.R.E agenda policy, promote inclusive governance through collaborative efforts and harmonious relationships between Volunteer Group Leaders and Governor Oborevwori’s administration, the Directorate of Volunteer/Support Group, which comprises of over 235 group leaders from different pro PDP organisations that worked tirelessly for the victory of the party during 2023 Guber election in Delta State, has said that its leadership is open for dialogue, and not fight as the leadership expresses frustration, cry out over perceived exclusion, neglect, marginalization in Delta State Government affairs.

Our reporter learnt this today being on Sunday, February 11, 2024 during a press conference which the leaders said was in tandem with a letter as submitted to Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, DTSG, appropriate authorities and PDP party Stakeholders as presented to Newsmen soon after an enlarged meeting of the group leaders numbering over 235 group leaders, pro PDP organisations as conveyed by Hon. Prince Philip Igwenwanne, the Secretary, Governor Oborevwori’s Directorate of Volunteer/Support Group event held at Nelrose Hotel, Asaba, Delta State capital as group leaders urged Governor Oborevwori not to allow their efforts go unnoticed, or be in vain, or requests unanswered.

Addressing the media by the Secretary on behalf of the Directorate of Volunteer /Support Group, Hon. Prince Philip Igwenwanne, has enjoined His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Delta State, Rt. Hon (Elder) Sheriff Oborevwori to consider the efforts of the group leaders who worked tirelessly for the victory of the Party PDP and his candidature in the last 2023 Guber election in Delta State in an address captioned: “Persistence In Voicing Concerns Regarding Negligence & Sidelining of The Volunteer/Support Group”.

Speaking further, the group leaders noted that they still have unwavering belief in the principles, ideas of the party PDP, fully committed to Oborevwori’s administration, M.O.RE Agenda Policy for the prosperity of all Deltans. Also, that the group leaders are hundred percent ready to work with him for the betterment of Delta State As the Directorate urged Governor Sheriff Oborevwori to give their course a priority attention. The leaders also stated that, they recognise the fact on complexities of governance and multitude of responsibilities that demand the attention of the Governor Oborevwori but should not be to detriment of passionate individuals who sacrificed their time, money and wholeheartedly supported the Governor’s M.O.R.E agenda Policy.

The press conference communique by Directorate of Volunteer/Support Group reads in parts: “Our repeated attempts to communicate our concerns through various letters, it is disheartening to note that our efforts have gone unnoticed and unanswered. The series of letters we have written were intended to convey the collective concerns and expectations of the Directorate of Volunteer/Support Group, emphasizing the urgency of the situation at hand”.

“Yet, since the conclusion of the campaign, we have been left feeling marginalized and excluded from the benefits of your government, opportunities for meaningful participation and involvement have evaded us casting doubts on the appreciation and recognition of our contributions”.

“His Excellency Sir, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori believe that a harmonious relationships between the Volunteer/Support Group and your adminstration is essential in fostering a spirit of unity and progress for our State. It is with this conviction that we humbly request your prompt attention and a fair opportunity for open dialogue. We hope that engaging in constructive conversation we can find practical solutions to address our concerns”.

“We thank you for your time and consideration. We trust in your wisdom and leadership. We sincerely hope that you acknowledge our plight and extend the courtesy of your response at your earliest convenience, from Directorate of Volunteer/Support Group”.

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