*KWASU, Melete 14Th Inaugural Lecture Series: VC CUICI, USA, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu Tasks Nigeria’s Finest Professor of Jurisprudence, Public & International Lawyer, Prof Abiodun Amuda-Kannike (SAN) On Global Legal Sector Development*.

******VC CUICI USA Describes Prof Amuda-Kannike (SAN),(LFICWLS ) As Exceptional Nigerian Senior Legal Luminary

******Aremu Tasks Nigeria’s Finest Constitutional Lawyer, Amuda-Kannike (SAN) On Global Legal Sector Development.

UNESCO Laureate Enjoins World Acclaimed Legal Luminary With Expertise In Technicalities of Jurisprudence & Rule of Law On More Service To Humanity

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

His Royal Highness (H.R.H) Duke Of The Kingdom Of Atlantis in Singapore and Vice-Chancellor Crown University, USA, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu has lauded renowned Professor of Jurisprudence, public & International law, Professor Amuda-Kannike (SAN) World Acclaimed Legal Luminary, World educator, Research Professor on his contributions to global legal sector development, resounding research and exceptional, excellent performance as he did justice to the topical questions on the Technicalities of Jurisprudence, Rule of Law as regards the Dilemma of Nigerian Constitution held in May, last month during the 14Th Inaugural Lecture of series of Faculty of Law, Kwara State University, Malete.

The media learnt this today being on Sunday, June 2, 2024 from World Acclaimed Distinguished research Universities Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu in a press statement personally signed by him, which was made available to some group of Journalists in Asaba, Delta State capital by his Executive Assistance On Media, Publicity and Communication Matters, Comrade Sir Bieni Victor Emenike as UNESCO Laureate tasks Nigeria’s finest constitutional, international, Jurisprudence, public lawyer, Prof Amuda-Kannike (SAN) on global legal sector development and more service to humanity.

You could recall that Professor Abiodun Amuda-Kannike (SAN) during the 14Th lecture series of the Faculty Law, Kwara State University, Malete had commended the University management, students and colleagues for his recognition and privilege to make his contributions towards global legal sector development as he did justice to the topic: “The Jurisprudence of Our Constitution, Rule of Law & Technicalities; The Nigeria Dilemma”.
He said as introductory messageto the lectures series: “In the name of Allah, the only master of the universe. I stand before you to present the 14th in the series of inaugural lectures of the Kwara State University, Malete, the green university for community development and entrepreneurship. I give thanks to Allah for His guidance. All my adoration goes to Him for making today’s inaugural lecture a reality”.

“Mr. Vice-Chancellor, I joined this great university on the 1st day of August, 2018 as a Professor of Jurisprudence and International Law in the Department of Jurisprudence and Public Law in the then new College of Law (Now Faculty of Law), which I started from the beginning as the pioneer Provost of Law and pioneer Dean of Law. I am most grateful to Prof. Abdulrasheed Na’Allah, the Pioneer Vice-Chancellor of this University, who saw the need for me to come home, to serve my community, my state. He is indeed a great man. Mr. Vice-Chancellor Sir, we really suffered to build the Faculty to standard. We are indeed grateful to Almighty God”.

“My presence here today marks the presentation of the First inaugural lecture from the Faculty and being the First Professor of Law, the First Inaugural Lecture from the Department of Jurisprudence and Public or any Department in the Faculty of Law. Mr. Vice-Chancellor Sir, the issues as raised in this inaugural lecture, is important for the continuous existence of this great country including my little contributions as will be seen in course of this presentation. No one knows it all except Almighty God, in view of that, works of other scholars were referred to in order to support this work”.

Reacting on the ground breaking research, inaugural Lecture series delivered by Prof Amuda-Kannike (SAN) on the topic: “The Jurisprudence of Our Constitution, Rule of Law & Technicalities, The Nigeria Dilemma”, World Acclaimed Distinguished Research Universities Professor of Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu has hailed the development as products of global competent research, innovation and creativity pragmatism, vision and others, while he noted that, the rule of law is a durable system of laws, institutions, norms, and community commitment that delivers four universal principles: accountability, just law, open government, and accessible and impartial justice. Accountability The government as well as private actors are accountable under the law”.

He said: “The rule of law is a political ideal that all citizens and institutions within a country, state, or community are accountable to the same laws. According to American Bar Association, the rule of law is a framework for government, known as the separation of powers, ensures that no one person is able to gain absolute power and stand above the other”.

“Jurisprudence imeans the philosophy and theory of law. It s a concept that puts theory and life at the center. It deals with the basic principles on which the superstructure of the law is based. Jurisprudence is used to refer to the general legal, moral, political or economic policies and principles embodied in a body of law or a body of legal philosophy. Prof Amuda-Kannike had done justice to it in line with its technicalities, dilemma in Nigerian constitution”.

“Amuda-Kannike SAN is a Distinguished Educator, Professor of Law, legal ICON and astute administrator who received NOUN’s Law Graduates Special Awards on his contributions to their struggle for the admission of the University to Nigeria Law School. He started his Legal practice with a Legal firm, E.C. Ukala, (SAN) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. His contributions in legal profession included amongst others are: Use of electronic evidence in court, solutions to problems of technology in modern day legal practice; cloud adoption, cyber security to mention but a few”.

The release by VC CUICI, USA reads further in parts: “I, UNESCO Laureate & VC CUICI, USA uses this medium to commend you, Prof Abiodun Amuda-Kannike (SAN), Professor of Jurisprudence, Public & International Law on your recent KWASU, Melete 14Th Inauguration Lectures as delivered by you under the distinguished Chairmanship of the Ag. Vice Chancellor, Prof Shaykh Lugman Jimoh on 8th May, 2024. Prof Amuda-Kannike (SAN) Life Fellow of International Chartered World Learned Society is a global legal luminary with expertise in Jurisprudence and international law, an exceptional world educator who had contributed to global legal sector development through uncommon research”.

“I commend you for advancing solutions to the technicalities of Jurisprudence, the Rule of Law as regards the dilemma of Nigerian constitution. I must commend your results of findings, recommendations in your legal research as delivered in KWASU 14Th Inaugural Lecture series. You have done Justice to the topic by providing deep understanding of Jurisprudence and Rule of Law Technicalities. The rule of law means equality before the law. All institutions,

“I urge you to use your expertise towards preferring solutions to the technicalities of Jurisprudence, the rule of law as regards Nigerian constitution for best possible reforms in the legal sector. No doubt, you have contributed to the development of Law Faculty, Departments in Nigerian Universities. I Congratulate you and commend you on your recent 14Th Inaugural Lecture on May 8, 2024 at Kwara State University, Malete speaks volumes. It proved to the world that your love for education and rendering of more service to humanity is still part of you as a great man and humility personified”.

“Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu, Emeritus Professor whose profile and global activities speaks volumes is His Royal Highness, His Excellency, Duke of the Kingdom of Atlantis, Singapore. UNESCO Laureate is the Vice- Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered Incorporated, USA, Grand Commissioner/President, World Accreditation Commission, USA, Global Vice Chairman, Royal University of the Kingdom of Atlantis, Singapore; Grand President, International Chartered World Learned Society, USA”.

“The Crown University International Chartered in Inc. USA is a global recognized private research university which offers professional vocational training and higher education. It serves as an autonomous global recognized university, offering education and practical skill in the courses taught at its official partner’s constituents campuses at government regulated universities worldwide and online operation”.

“Crown University International Chartered Incorporated Inc. Entity is duly incorporated under the International Laws of 1704,1776 and 1787 in United States of America with chartered file number: 7594662 as a worldwide recognized teaching and research university with International Trade Mark registered of logo with an international trademark order of receipt number: 668383, Customer number:270163 in United States of America”.

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