*Global Five Star Professor (Europe) & UNESCO Laureate Commends Prof Dr. K Mahammad Rafi’s Exploits in Education, Research & Innovation*.

……….Five Star Professor of Europe and UNESCO Laureate Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu Commend Prof. Dr. K Mahammad Rafi’s Remarkable Journey in Education, Research, and Innovation

In a commendable recognition of Prof. Dr. K Mahammad Rafi’s exceptional contributions to education, research, and innovation, the UNESCO Global Education Chair of Committee and UNESCO Laureate Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu have praised his journey, highlighting his transformative impact across various domains.

Hailing from a humble village background in Andhra Pradesh, India, Prof. Dr. Rafi’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for excellence. With a diverse educational background including Masters in Science, Masters in HR-Industrial Relations and Employment laws, Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Post Doc in Pharmaceutical Research with Nano Technology, he has left an indelible mark in the fields of software, BPO, EdTech, university management, world research forums, and publications.

Prof. Dr. Rafi’s illustrious career spans teaching, research, innovation, and administration, earning him accolades and prestigious appointments. He serves as a Board of Director in CUICI, USA (International University), and as a Board Member in several other universities in the USA, Africa, and London. He also holds key positions in NITI AAYOG-Government of India, Startup India Mission, MAARG, JRUY, UTM Malaysia, and providing services as Legal Advisor to 24 corporate/startup organizations.

Founding himself as Chancellor of two USA-based universities, Prof. Dr. Rafi’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of NextGen Group of Organizations, encompassing InnoGen Software, BPO, KPO, Research & Innovation, Incubation Center, WEFRI-WCSEM, Doctorate Int’l Publications, eSkillGrow Virtual University USA, NextGen University International Chartered Inc. USA, and InnoGen NGO.

His impact extends globally, with Prof. Dr. Rafi mentoring over 5000 startups worldwide. His contributions have been recognized by the USA Government , United Nations recognised International Organisation honoring him with the title “HIS EXCELLENCY SIR” and acknowledging him as “The Most Notable Educator of the 21st Century in the World” by the International Chartered Learned Society, USA.

Additionally, Prof. Dr. Rafi’s expertise has led to his appointment as a Member of the Forbes World Committee, UNESCO Global Education Chair of Committee, and Harvard Business Advisory Review Council, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in education, research, and innovation.

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