*ESTHA 2023: 7 Major Political Parties Drum Support For Hon. Dr. Prince Joe Chukwu, ADC Candidate Aninri State Constituency Seat.*

…..ESTHA 2023: 7 Major Political Parties Endorses ADC Candidate For Aninri State Constituency

….As AAC, APC, LP, YPP, SDP, NNPP, APM Leadership Says Hon. Dr. Prince Joe Chukwu Will Make A Good Lawmaker In Enugu State House of Assembly.

…… Political Leaders Urged All Political Parties To Support The Candidate of African Democratic Congress.

By Victor Bieni

Ahead of March 11, 2023 for the Gubernatorial and States Assembly elections in Enugu State, 7 Major political parties has endorsed the candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC) for Aninri State Constituency Seat, Hon. Dr. Prince Joe Chukwu to win and give his people effective and efficient representation as leaders of those political parties urged every citizens to join hands to regain the lost glory of Aninri State Constituency.

The media learnt this today being on Monday, March 6, 2023 from the former three times Chairman of African Democratic Congress, ADC, Delta State Chapter, who is currently the Candidate of African Democratic Congress, ADC for Aninri Constituency Seat, Enugu State House of Assembly, Hon. Prince Joe Chukwu in a Telephone Conversation chat with our reporter this morning spoke after his meeting with political parties’ leaders yesterday as held in Enugu State that endorsed Joe Chukwu’s candidacy by the leaders of AAC, APC, LP, YPP, SDP, NNPP, APM in his constituency as the leadership of those political parties urged all citizens to vote for ADC Candidate.

The leaders who spoke during the endorsement were of the opinion that, Hon. Dr. Prince Joe Chukwu as a grassroots politician, a Community Leader Par excellence has all it takes to attract the needed development, give Aninri State Constituency people the dividends of democracy as an epitome of effective and efficient representation as an incoming lawmaker.

“We are highly convinced that he is the most qualified for the job of a legislator.Hon. Dr. Prince Joe’s political manifestos, 4 points agenda for our people which included amongst others: Vision for a new Aninri State Constituency, Transparency in governance, Capacity Building and development of our Youths and Women for empowerment employment opportunities; Equity and Justice concepts will be addressed. We have known him before now, that he work for the growth and development of our constituency”.

“He will not go there to sleep, play and laugh. He is focus and determined to do his job. We are the one sending him to the State House of Assembly. We appeal to all political parties, all the good people of Aninri State Constituency to support the Candidate of African Democratic Congress ADC, Hon. Dr. Prince Joe Chukwu come March 11, 2023 for sustainable and Socio-economic development of our constituency”, the political parties’ leaders stated during the endorsement meeting yesterday in Enugu State.

According to Prince Dr. Joe Chukwu, in response during the meeting, he had commended the good gestures and galore of endorsement by the leaders of those 7 Major political parties as the the Candidate of African Democratic Congress, ADC for Aninri State Constituency Seat stated that, “he was highly impressed with the outcome of the meeting yesterday in his constituency, Enugu State.

He noted that, he had promised not to disappoint the people, neither will he betray the confidence repose on him to deliver on his four 4 points agenda as he is ready to carry to carry everyone in his constituency along and attract the needed development to his constituency if elected this month to represent them.

In his words: ” I have told them that, My quest to represent the good people of Aninri State Constituency in Enugu State House of Assembly will be a good outing. I will give them the best ever. We will all join hands together to make our Constituency great, regain its lost glory. This mission and vision is for every members, leaders of the constituency irrespective of political parties. Everyone will have a sense of belonging in my representation. I must commend them because those political parties and their leaders know that I have the capacity to deliver as a lawmaker.”.

“The Seven 7 cardinal points in my political manifestos such as putting to a stop to poverty in my constituency, dedicate considerable part of my salary to healthcare, support to the elderly, and less privileged citizens in my constituency, make laws that will impact positively to my constituency people and Enugu State people in general, create 1000 direct jobs in the communities, 10 political wards of my constituency in 4 years, attract 30 jobs for my 90 days in office, promoting global partnerships with local and international investors for Socio-economic development, promotion of sports development and other development Initiatives”.

“I will equally through the support and advice of my constituency members and leaders work to promote Youths and Women empowerment, employment opportunities; train both Youths and Women as entrepreneurs for self-employment, self-reliance and self independence, attract good development Initiatives, promote equity and Justice, open door administration, transparent leadership and accountability”.

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