*DYC Boss, Comrade Chibuzor Agunwa (Mr Dash) Makes Case For Agric, Petroleum Industry Reforms To Create Employment, Boost Delta, Nigeria Economy*.

……..Delta Youth Coalition (DYC) Boss, Hon. Chibuzor Agunwa (Mr. Dash) Chat Ways To Revamp Delta, Nigerian Economy

……. Renowned Entrepreneur Cum Hospitality Guru Makes Case For Agric, Petroleum Industry Reforms

…….Youth Leader Says, Industrial Revolution, Best Solutions To Curb Unemployment, Boost Economy & Economic Diversification

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

The President-General, Delta Youth Coalition (DYC), Comrade Chibuzor Agunwa (Mr Dash) has said that, a successful agricultural reform is very vital in any serious government so as to promote best applicability viable policies framework, good reforms through best economic planning models capable of yielding good results in industrial, Agricultural, trade and investment, oil and gas sectors of the economy to promote sustainable, rapid economic growth and development in Delta State and Nigeria in general

Agunwa made this remark during one-on-one interview with Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS), Asaba yesterday being Thursday, July 27, 2023 as he lamented that Federal government is not applying critical measures to enhance viability of its resources in the oil and gas sector. The business mogul turned politician said that, exploration of oil and gas sector and other sectors should encourage Public Private Partnership, PPP Economic models so as to empower citizens in various disciplines, categories or area of life endeavours.

According to him, “it takes only a technocrat to fine tune the best way towards boosting economic growth and development. Most importantly, where we have vast mineral resources e.g, Lignite, Silica, Limestone, Industrial clay, Kaolin, Tar sand and Decorative rocks apart from the crude oil in Delta state. The exploration of the mineral resources should form part of the funding for critical projects and other empowerment in the state. It is on record we elected Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborovweri the incumbent governor of the state, and of course he is the man WEY SABI”.

In his words: “As a business man/ consultant and politician, I believe that, creating an industrial hub will open up Delta and generate more revenue for the government, where government will provide basic emenities like 24 hours electricity and security.
I promise to bring in more than 20 multi-national companies to invest in Delta. If by transparency the government can be truthful and utilize the opportunities this will bring to the state goog tidings and ensure that accountability is upheld as well as extend same to the mining sector, this Initiative will make room for every citizens. The Youths in the State will be self-employed, self-independent, self- reliance. And the state will achieve sustainable economic growth and development”.

” The state revenue will sky rocket. These are part of our organization’s field campaign- based slogan for His excellency Sheriff since year 2022. Using a case of Nigeria as at today, the fundamental rights of the citizens has been stolen and taken to the lion’s den. In a context where government institutions failed to respect and abide by the rule of law, what then did you expect from a common man? is the law meant to protect only the rich? Using the above as a case study, I must say that, recent arrest of Mr Godwin Emefiele, the former CBN governor who was granted bail by court of competent jurisdiction, but the DSS countered the court order”.

“Court said Emefiele should remain with the Nigeria correctional service, not be released untill he perfects his bail condition, such order was supposed to be respected by DSS. Unfortunately, the Directorate of state services had a fall off with the prison officials, it is a total violation of section 17 of the 1999 constitutions (The state social order is founded on ideals of freedom, equality and justice), this has negatively questioned our integrity as a nation before the world.

He said: “It is clear that the immediate past Delta State Governor, Sen.Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa’s administration did tremendously well in the past eight years of his tenure. As part of his scale of reference, he performed excellently well in different sectors of the economy, that is the good governance that we preach continuously. Governance is not all about noise making, but by creating policies that will direct activities towards achieving a realistic developmental goals.
Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has shown capacity and credibility in terms of perfomance in educational sector, Health, infrastructural developments and of course skill acquisation programmes for youths in Delta”.

“I am happy that, Deltans have started enjoying the leadership of this present Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborovweri. He is another Okowa in different form. This can be attested via the ongoing cleanup exercise at warri, opening of drainages and expanding of water ways barely few months in office. Again, at the state secretariat few days ago, he paid an unprecedented visit to civil servants where he approved the whopping sum of #5 billion naira for the promotion arrears to the civil servants. This is awesome and amazing in a time like this. You can imagine what that money could do for their families”.

“Finally, I must State that, the importance of regulating the petroleum companies through appropriate policies and relevant laws to control the excesses from crude oil; by way of processing them and convert same to other petroleum products is enormous and viable economically. Doing so will go a long way to minimize environmental pollution, Health hazards in our various oil producing communities”.

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