Delta 2023: ADC Guber Flag-bearer Ambassador Efeoghene Shedrack Ekure Solicits For Financial Support Towards His Governorship Campaign.

Donate Towards Efe Ekure Governorship Campaign.

Let’s Own the Project.
Let’s Take Back our State Together.

We encourage everyone to donate, no matter how little, to support the struggle. In days to come, we have alot lined up already that will be capital intensive.

You can donate even a dime to the struggle. I cannot do it alone. Since we started the struggle I have never asked anyone for financial support but I think we all should key in at this Moment because it is our projects, not mine.

The 1million Man Walk/End Bad Government Long Walk to Freedom involve the following and more.👇

We need 500,000 T-shirts. A T-shirt Cost #6, 000. You can donate as Much as you can.

We need 800,000 Face Caps. A Face Cap cost #1500.

Our accounts department has competent individuals to always keep and present records of all donations in line with generally accepted accounting standards.

Please Donate what you can afford, do not over stress yourself. It is the principles of collectivism, not individualism.

Below, you will find the account details:

Account Number:6037770402

Account Name: Ekure Governorship Campaign

Bank: Keystone Bank

Those who may not need to make payments via transfers for any reason, can contact us and our account team will reach out to them.

Thank You as we move majestically to the new Delta State of Our Dream.

God bless you,
God bless Delta State.

Amb. Efeoghene Shedrack Ekure
Incoming Governor of Delta state, 2023 by the grace of God!

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