*CUICI, USA Global Quality Education: Aremu Tasks Indian Finest World Educator On Unlocking Potentials Of Students For Global Computing & Education Sector Development*.

******Global Quality Education: UNESCO Laureate Commends Director of Indian Campus, CUICI, USA

*******VC CUICI USA Describes Dr. S. Arumuga perumal As Exceptional Computer-AI, Data Scientist & World Educator As Riyassa Labs Partners CUICI, USA

*******Aremu Tasks Indian Finest World Educator On Unlocking Potentials Of Students For Global Computing & Education Sectors Development.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

His Royal Highness (H.R.H) Duke Of The Kingdom Of Atlantis in Singapore and Vice-Chancellor Crown University, USA, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu has lauded Dr. S. Arumuga perumal on his maximal contributions to the growth and development of Crown University Int’l Chartered Incorporated United States of America as the Indian Campus Director of the global research institution.

The media learnt this today being Monday, July 8, 2024 from World Acclaimed Distinguished research Universities Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu in a press statement personally signed by him, which was made available to some group of Journalists in Asaba, Delta State capital by his Executive Assistance On Media, Publicity and Communication Matters, Comrade Sir Bieni Victor Emenike as UNESCO Laureate Commends Director of Indian Campus, CUICI, USA, Dr. S. Arumuga perumal for his various computing and global educational programs aimed at unlocking the potential of students in different fields of study.

You could recall that Dr. .S. Arumuga perumal Riyassa Labs has partnered Crown University Int’l Chartered Incorporated, United States of America towards unlocking the potential of students, boosting the admission numerical strength of the University and Professional & Academic Certifications of students in Indian and globally in various fields such as IOT, AI, Data Science with industrial expertise as UNESCO Laureate & VC CUICI, USA commended development.

Riyasaa Labs is a center for Innovation and an IoT consultant, established in the year 2017, registered under Tamilnadu Government registration act by a group of IoT Enthusiasts , to work for the advancement of Smart Nation and for enhancing the quality of Engineering education through practice and Application”.

Dr. S. Arumuga perumal in his vivid introduction of the certification programs has stated: “By 2020, the impact of Internet of Things will play a major role in corporate business models which will create a huge employment opportunities for IoT professionals. The aspire of the Riyasaa Labs is to produce high quality IoT professionals by offering Certifications, Training, Workshops and Internship for all Under-Graduate, Graduate students and interested candidates by incorporating with our industrial partners viz., VI Microsystems, Coovum pvt Ltd, JRM Technologies, Infoziant Innovations Labs, Mathiimigal Technologies in collaboration with Professional bodies viz., IETE, and IE(I)”.

“IoT certification courses are essential for professionals aiming to stay ahead in the dynamic IoT landscape. By gaining deep insights into IoT fundamentals, protocols, security measures, and practical applications, individuals can leverage their expertise to drive innovation and success in IoT-driven industries.
Benefits of IoT Certification: Career Advancement: Certification enhances job prospects and opens doors to roles such as IoT developer, IoT architect, IoT consultant, or IoT project manager”.

“Industry Recognition: Employers recognize IoT certification as evidence of specialized knowledge and skills in this high-demand field.Skill Validation: Certification validates proficiency in IoT technologies, protocols, security practices, and platform usage, giving professionals a competitive edge.
A certificate course in data science is ideal for professionals seeking to leverage data for informed decision-making and strategic advantage”.

“By mastering essential skills in data analysis, machine learning, and visualization, certificate holders can excel in a data-driven world and make meaningful contributions to their organizations.Benefits of a Data Science Certificate:Career Advancement: Certification enhances job prospects and opens doors to roles such as data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, and business intelligence analyst. Industry Relevance: Certificate holders are equipped to tackle challenges in diverse industries, contributing to organizational success through data-driven insights and strategies. Skill Validation: Employers recognize data science certification as evidence of specialized knowledge and skills in data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modeling. A certificate course in AI equips participants with the skills needed to harness the power of artificial intelligence for solving complex problems and driving innovation”.

“By mastering foundational AI concepts, machine learning algorithms, and practical applications, certificate holders can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of AI-enabled technologies across various industries. Benefits of an AI Certificate:
Career Advancement: Certification enhances job prospects and opens doors to roles such as AI engineer, machine learning engineer, AI researcher, data scientist, and AI consultant. Industry Relevance: Certificate holders are equipped to address AI challenges in diverse sectors, contributing to innovation and efficiency through AI-driven solutions.Skill Validation: Employers recognize AI certification as evidence of specialized knowledge and skills in AI technologies, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning”.

The statement by UNESCO Laureate reads in parts: ” I must sincerely commend Dr.S. Arumuga perumal for great job he is doing as the Indian Campus Director, Crown University Int’l Chartered Incorporated, United States of America. Dr. S. Arumuga perumal has over 35 years of teaching experience. Dr.S.Arumuga Perumal has received his M.S degree in Software Systems from BITS, Pilani, Ph.D. degree in computer science from Manonmaniam Sundaranar university, D.Sc computer science from crown university and Chartered Engineer from Institution of Engineers (India) & Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers”.

“Dr. S. Arumuga perumal has extensive research interests including IOT, Network security, Green computing and Image processing. He has been a member of the technical program committee for more than 50 international conferences. He has been a technical track chair, tutorial chair, publication chair, and session chair for more than 50 international conferences. He has published more than 100 international academic research papers. He is a senior member of Computer society of India and senior member of IEEE. Charted Engineer and Fellow of IE, Fellow of IETE, Fellow of IACSIT”.

“Dr. S. Arumuga perumal is involved in various academic activities such as curriculum development and professional society activities. He got Best teacher award from Tamilnadu Government, IETE Award, CSI award for academic excellence, Asiriar Chemmal award, and Eminent Engineer award from IE(I)-Madurai”.

“He has successfully guided number of Ph.D scholars under his guidance. He has served as Chairman of IETE-Trivandrum,India. He is a present chairman of IE India KKLC. He has visited Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong to share his academic expertise”.

“The Crown University International Chartered in Inc. USA is a global recognized private research university which offers professional vocational training and higher education. It serves as an autonomous global recognized university, offering education and practical skill in the courses taught at its official partner’s constituents campuses at government regulated universities worldwide and online operation”.

“Crown University International Chartered Incorporated Inc. Entity is duly incorporated under the International Laws of 1704,1776 and 1787 in United States of America with chartered file number: 7594662 as a worldwide recognized teaching and research university with International Trade Mark registered of logo with an international trademark order of receipt number: 668383, Customer number:270163 in United States of America”.

“UNESCO Laureate, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu is the the Vice Chancellor, Crown University International and World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology The World Grand President, International Chartered World Learned Society, World Grand Chairman , University of Nations for Quality Education, México and associates worldwide, World Grand President, World Accreditation Commission, Chairman/Pro Chancellor, Board of Trustees, Chartered Intl. Da Vinci University, Vice President for International Affairs”.

“UNESCO Laureate is the Chairman Board of Trustees of West Coast Intl. University of Science, Technology, Management and Arts; Vice President International Affairs (Vice Chairman International Affairs of Board of Trustees) Sastra Angkor University Kingdom of Cambodia; Deputy Director General for Africa and Research Professor at International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, UK. He had also, held positions as a World Grand Chancellor, Chartered World Order of the Knights of Justice of Peace”.

“UNESCO Laureate is the World Grand President, The Chartered World Institute of Encyclopedia of Books, World Grand President at Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research, ; Vice President, International Centre for Eye Research and Education, Argentina, South America , World Acclaimed Distinguished Research Professor and Fellow Editorial International Advisory Board at Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom and several other institutions that have declared him as a World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor by various higher”.

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