*Chancellor of NextGen University Int’l, USA, His Excellency, Prof Sir. Shaik Mahammad Rafi Appoints The VC of Crown University Int’l Chartered Inc., USA, Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu As University’s Int’l Chairman, Board of Academic Council.*

……….UNESCO Laureate Prof. Bashiru Aremu Appointed as International Chairman for Board of Academic Council at NextGen University Int’l USA

UNESCO Laureate H.E.Prof.Sir.Bashiru Aremu
In a remarkable stride towards global educational advancement, UNESCO Laureate H.E Prof. Sir. Bashiru Aremu has been appointed as the International Chairman for the Board of Academic Council at NextGen University International Chartered Inc, USA. This prestigious appointment comes as a testament to Prof. Aremu’s unwavering dedication to the field of education and his outstanding contributions to academia.

Prof. Bashiru Aremu, who currently serves as the Vice Chancellor of Crown University International Chartered Inc in the USA and Nigeria University Commission Advisory Member, has long been recognized for his exemplary leadership and vision in shaping the future of education.

His wealth of experience, coupled with his profound commitment to academic excellence, makes him an ideal candidate for this esteemed position.

The appointment was announced by Founder and Chancellor, His Excellency Prof. Sir. Shaik Mahammad Rafi, who expressed his gratitude to Prof. Aremu for accepting the role. In a statement to the media, Prof. Rafi emphasized the importance of collaboration in advancing educational opportunities worldwide.

“I am thankful to Prof. Bashiru Aremu for joining the NextGen University team,” Prof. Rafi said. “His expertise and leadership will play a pivotal role in our mission to develop the education community and increase literacy and research development across every corner of the world.”

H.E Prof. Sir. Bashiru Aremu’s appointment as International Chairman underscores NextGen University’s commitment to fostering innovation, excellence, and inclusivity in higher education. With his guidance and leadership, the university aims to spearhead initiatives that will empower students and educators alike to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of academia.

As an advocate for educational equity and access, Prof. Aremu’s appointment heralds a new era of collaboration and progress in the realm of global education.

His vision for NextGen University aligns seamlessly with the institution’s core values of excellence, integrity, and social responsibility.

With Prof. Aremu at the helm of the Board of Academic Council, NextGen University is poised to embark on a transformative journey towards educational excellence and societal impact.
His leadership will undoubtedly inspire generations of scholars and researchers to push the boundaries of knowledge and make meaningful contributions to the world.

In accepting this esteemed role, Prof. Bashiru Aremu reaffirms his commitment to advancing education as a force for positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the future of learning worldwide.

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