*Chancellor of NextGen University Int’l & eSkillGrow Virtual University, USA, H.E, Prof. Dr. Shaik Muhammad Rafi Announces Wife, Shaik Afreen Banu As Global CEO For All His Business Organizations*.

*****Prof. Dr. Shaik Mahammad Rafi: From Village Roots to Founding NextGen University International and eSkillGrow Virtual University in USA . and Appointed his Spouse Shaik. Afreen Banu as Global CEO to all of His Businesses

In a remarkable journey marked by vision and perseverance, Prof. Dr. Shaik Mahammad Rafi has emerged as a distinguished leader in the global education landscape. From humble beginnings in a village, he has established NextGen University International Chartered Inc. and eSkillGrow Virtual University LLC, USA. These institutions have been officially incorporated under USA Corporate International Laws and the Department of Education, reflecting their compliance with rigorous standards.

A Vision for Innovative Education

NextGen University International and eSkillGrow Virtual University stand out for their commitment to delivering high-quality education through innovative methods. Unlike traditional curricula, these institutions emphasize entrepreneurship and innovation across all streams and syllabi. NextGen University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., and Post-Doctoral programs online to a global community, while eSkillGrow Virtual University specializes in online skill diploma courses.

Leadership and Accolades

Prof. Dr. Rafi’s leadership is characterized by his extensive involvement in various high-profile roles. He is a leading advocate in India, a member of the Forbes Community, and holds the prestigious UNESCO Chair. His affiliations extend to the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, and he serves as an advisor and board member for six other universities worldwide. His new ideology focuses on creating departments that equip the next generation with essential knowledge and skills.

Diverse Business Ventures

In addition to his educational initiatives, Prof. Dr. Rafi has a broad portfolio of businesses in India, including software, BPO, KPO, and legal services. His entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in his ability to manage and grow these diverse enterprises successfully.

Appointment of Global CEO

In a recent press meet, Prof. Dr. Rafi announced the appointment of his spouse, Mrs. Shaik Afreen Banu, as the Global CEO for all his business organizations. This strategic move underscores their shared commitment to driving growth and innovation across their ventures.

International Recognition

For his exceptional service, research, innovation, and investment in the USA, Prof. Dr. Rafi has been honored with the title His Excellency Sir by a renowned international organization under the USA government. This accolade highlights his significant contributions and the global impact of his work.


Prof. Dr. Shaik Mahammad Rafi’s journey from a village to founding internationally recognized educational institutions is a testament to his visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence. Under his guidance, NextGen University International and eSkillGrow Virtual University are poised to revolutionize education, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship for learners worldwide.

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