*Aniocha North LGA Election 2024: “I’m Well Prepared, Equipped To Serve My People”- I CONCUR Boss, Chuks Obianukor.*

……ANLG Chairmanship: Chuks Obianukor Is Well Prepared

Before now, it was believed that in the game of politics, the pendulum could switch to any direction and to anybody, even to those not prepared for leadership. It’s no longer the same this time; because the dynamics are changing, the paradigm is shifting as the goal post begins to shift.

Leadership these days is with high level of awareness, and it has to meet the one who is fully and well prepared.

From the political calculations of Aniocha North, the Idumuje born political tactician and employer of Labour, Chuks Obianukor is well prepared. And by that virtue, if things are properly put in their normal perspectives, he is most likely to bear the mantle in the coming months as LGA election is close to call in Delta State.

Without mincing words, Chuks Obianukor has long been preparing the grounds to expose what has been building in him – the dynamics of a well prepared Leader.

A humble party man to a fault, he has not only gone to school to leverage on the visibility of academic importance to leadership; he has economically equipped and mainstreamed himself into the present day Nigerian system of “the harder and the smarter you work, the more brightened your chances of not only working to survive but working to play in the field of success”.

Chuks Obianukor has garnered the requisite credentials to launch out his God’s given talent and gift for the benefit of humanity. He is intelligent, smart, hardworking, resilient, engaging, enterprising and possessing of the main ingredients of sustaining character in business and leadership.

Let’s give it to him. Let’s give it to a man who can do the job and not just one who waits for manna to fall from heaven. In our local parlance we call them “the category of food don done followers”.

The man Chuks Obianukor is a participant in the political hegemony of our dear State and local government area. He has always been an active participant and never the type that quits or sits cowardly on the fence. He partakes in building by engaging the end point of the success of the house. He has shown temerity in chesting out for the right people in authority today; he also deserves to be chested out for.

Solidarity with Chuks Obianukor. Bon voyage in your political journey to the ANLG Council.

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