*Allegations Against ITF DG Is False, Says Industry Stakeholders, MCATSF As Groups Warn Fictitious Concerned Workers To Stop Misleading The Public, Lists Oluwatoyin’s Achievements*.


****Disown concerned workers

Industry stakeholders on Monday described the administration of Dr Afiz Ogun Oluwatoyin as a transparent one.

‘’The Director General/Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Dr Afiz Ogun Oluwatoyin, is very sincere and is increasing awareness about training initiatives within the economy and impacting the lives and livelihoods of millions of businesses in Nigeria’’

The investors, community, government and trade union officials also praised Oluwatoyin’s unrelenting efforts in changing the face of the organization in all fronts, harnessing the potential of the youth, driving economic growth, beefing up revenue generation for the agency and empowering artisans in Nigeria with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to succeed in their respective fields.

The stakeholders in a statement issued in Abuja by the Secretary General of Manufacturing, Construction, Automobile and Textile Stakeholders Forum (MCATSF) , Alhaji Ibrahim Musa, commended Oluwatoyin for his purposeful leadership, pragmatic re-engineering of the organization and impact on the lives of Nigerians.

The statement excoriated a fictitious group, Concerned Workers, over statement credited to it.

‘’The attempt by the fictitious group to cast aspersions on the integrity of Oluwatoyin by making unsubstantiated allegations about him and the organization is unfortunate’’

The stakeholders upbraided the group for misleading the public about the organization.

‘’The report is defamatory, insulting and entirely fictitious. This is just an attempt to deceive and mislead the public. All the allegations centred around the pull down syndrome on the part of some people who are insisting on the old order of corruption, anarchy and insanity.

They urged mischievous elements in the organization to forsake the club of evil doers and the society of organized dishonesty.

‘’This is a man with tremendous energy. Dr Oluwatoyin is a straightforward and hardworking Nigerian. He is also a strict disciplinarian, quietly efficient and has reputation for accountability’’

The statement emphasized high degree of honesty, morale and productivity, passion for efficiency, conducive atmosphere, adherence to procedure, consultation, delegation of authority and concerns about competence.

‘’Some people have told a lot of lies about the organization’’

Particularly, the stakeholders praised the world-acclaimed man of principles and integrity for his impressive performance, visionary attributes, expertise and profound understanding of the goals of the organization.

They listed operational changes in the organization, technical and entrepreneurial development as well as advisory services on micro, small and medium enterprises as key achievements of Oluwatoyin.

They also listed intellectualism and finance management process as attributes of the director general.

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