Everyone talks about Peter Obi, everyone debates the Movement he leads, everyone ponders the urgency of now, everyone is caught by the bug called the OBI-dient, some are so scared they have made him the crux of their campaign. Indeed, they are mortally scared of the structures-less one.

Even the two big Parties and the dye in the wool partisan who consistently argue that Peter Obi has no structures have all structured their campaigns around the structures-less one. Peter Obi is the nightmare of the past and the present generation of looters that bestride our space, he is anathema to the profligate and the corrupt, he is a questionmark on the conscience of a nation in search of new values, and he is the call of the Youths, the old and the aged for the economic, socio-political cum moral rebirth of Nigeria.

80% of the time, the APC and the PDP are talking about and dwelling on Peter Obi, why aren’t they talking about their manifesto, why always Peter Obi? Why has the one without structures become their campaign theme and mantra? Why do they and their soulless supporters desperately seek to taint Peter Obi and his profound record? Must they tie corruption to him because they are corrupt? Wouldn’t they dwell on their credibility issues ala their missing or fake certificates and questionable credentials? Why Peter Obi all the time?

Why have they structured their campaigns and propaganda on and around the structures-less one? Why are they desperate and scared of the one without structures? Why are they worried about the millions that are ready to ‘waste their votes on Peter Obi’? WHY? If you know, you know.

No one says that Peter Obi of the Labour Party is a Saint but compared to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the PDP and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC, Peter Obi is a Saint deserving beatification. He leads the Movement seeking the redemption of Nigeria. He believes in a Nigeria for all Nigerians. His passion is indiscriminate of region and religion. His politics is beyond Tribe and ethnicity, and he is committed to birthing and berthing the Nigeria of our collective dreams.

Something great is happening across the land, the STRUCTURES of the one they call Structures-less has become monstrous and vehement, organized Labour, the NLC and the TUC, students, striking lecturers ASUP, ASUU et al, Doctors, Lawyers, and several Professional groups and bodies are increasingly, profoundly and profusely becoming OBI-dient. Yes, Peter Obi is the paladin of the Ballot based peoples revolution sweeping through the Land. He understands the urgency of now, and the sweltering harmattan of the OBI-dient will not cease until together we consign the ones with Structures to a distant second and third at the polls come 2023.

Of Senator Rabiu Musa KWANKWASO.
To this great leader of men and women, to this mentor of the Kwankwasiya Movement is my candid advise. Sir, do not allow traditional politricktians mess with this opportunity. Do not succumb to their perfidy, and do not allow Courtjesters deprive Nigeria of this moment and time. Together with Peter Obi you are better. The truth is that Peter Obi is the monstrous pull of the moment, and together you can win the Presidency. Sir, please learn from the HUMILITY of Joe Biden and run with Peter Obi as his Vice President, it was Obama’s moment when he did, Biden’s experience and over 30years at the Senate did not discourage or disuade him from running as Obama’s Vice, today Biden is President. Please do the same for Nigeria, run with Peter Obi, together you can retire the PDP and the APC, and berth a new Nigeria for all. May God Bless you as you do that which is right and trite.

Countrymen and women, we are willing, ready, able, and OBI-diently set to redeem Nigeria come 2023. Yes, with PETER OBI, We Move!! We WIN!!!

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
The OBI-dient

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