Something Is Happening Across Our Nation.

Who will tell Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu that the times have changed. Who will tell him that Nigerians are committed to new values in leadership?

Who will tell Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Waziri Adamawa that a new day is here. Who will tell him that the days of greed and profligacy have become shibboleth?

Who will tell those who think that religion and region will determine how we vote in 2023 that they are wrong? Who will tell them that we are at the throes of a massive peaceful ballot based revolution?

Who will tell those struggling to paint Peter Obi with the Biafran brush, and those struggling to cause Ibo hate, Yoruba hate, Hausa hate, and ethnic hate that the times have changed? Who will tell them that Nigerians are not as gullible as they think?

Who will tell them that when the terrorist comes for you, they do so indiscriminate of your creed or your clan? Who will tell them that when there is power outage it does not affect the Southerner or the Northerner only?

Who will tell them that hunger, poverty and unemployment does not ask for your tribe when it descends on you? Who will tell them that when we are sick we do not seek to know the tribe or religion of the Doctor or the Physician BUT we seek competency and capacity?

Who will tell them that we are tired of their lies and deceit? Who will tell the APC that to us APC stands for ALL PROMISES CANCELLED. And who will tell the PDP that to us PDP stands for PAPA DECEIVE PIKIN? Who will tell them their trust deficit is self-inflicted?

Please tell the Siamese Twins, the PDP and the APC that we are tired of corruption, waste, ASUU Strike, Insecurity, insincerity in leadership and ethnic cum religious division. Tell them that Nigerians are unanimous in the quest for a NEW DEAL come 2023.

Please tell them that we are unwilling to listen to their lies and deceit anymore. Tell them that the lies about infrastructural growth won’t stick because they have plunged our nation in the abyss of inexplicable debt. Please tell them that we are a generation of research, they must therefore keep their falsehood to themselves. Tell them that the demonic lie of 18billion naira per day on subsidy will stand in judgment against them.

And tell them that we are PASSIONATELY, PROFUSELY AND PROFOUNDLY Obidiently Yusful to the cause for a NEW NIGERIA. Tell them that we are united in the choice of FRUGALITY over PROFLIGACY. In the choice of PRUDENCE over WASTE. And in the choice of PRODUCTION and creation of wealth over CONSUMPTION and corruption.

Yes, tell them that with PETER OBI, YUSUF DATTI-AHMED and The Labour Party our resolve is unalloyed. And tell them that come 2023 Nigeria shall have a Government that works for Nigerians, and not for a few.

Please do not fail or forget to tell them that our unalterable commitment is to birth and berth a NEW NIGERIA.

God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.

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