2023: ADC Candidate, Ika Federal Constituency Seat, Bishop Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu To Citizens, “VOTE BUYING/SELLING” Is Evil.

….As Bishop Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu Lectures Ika Nation, Electorates On Change of Mindset,To Vote Credible Candidates.

By Victor Bieni, Asaba

The Candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC) for Ika Federal Constituency Seat for the 2023 general elections in Delta State, Nigeria, Bishop Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu, has urged the citizens, electorates in Ika Federal Constituency to have a change of mindset, work to resist vote buying by politicians, not to sell their votes, rather key into his political agenda, manifestos to make Ika Nation great.

The media learnt Bishop Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu made this remark when he visited his ADC leadership, party members and electorates in different Federal political wards in Ika South, and Ika Norh East Local Government Areas of his Delta State as Youths in the area pledges support to his candidacy.

Bishop Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu speaking to the mammoth crowd of supporters at Abavo Community, he stated that his mission and vision is to give effective and efficient representation to the people of Ika Nation if elected to represent the people in the Federal House of representatives, Abuja come next year 2023. According to him, “changing the mindset of the masses towards selling their votes during elections comes with the constant reminder and renewals of the mind on the perils it poses to the future”.

Bishop Obiajulu who bemoaned the evils inherent in vote buying or selling by politicians and the electorates, then appealed for the support of the masses, grassroots populace, electorates on his House of Representatives contest in Ika Federal Constituency for him to emerge the winner come next year’s elections, restated commitment to bringing the needed positive change, human capital and infrastructural development in the area.

He said: “The notion of politicking in deep pocket styles has to be brought to an end. The masses today, all believe in feasting from candidates vying for political posts has given them a fair share of the national cake. This niche has eaten deep into the system and destroyed credible candidacy who are willing to restructure the economy and better the system of the nation”.

“Selling votes and conscience to deep pockets will only mark the path for constant embezzlement of public funds putting the populace at the mercies of poverty. I want to advice, if we want a better society let us desist from such activities and vote credible candidates into power irrespective of the political party (ies) we all belong. Therefore, choose wisely. ADC will not fail”.

Responding to Ika Federal Constituency Seat ADC’s Candidate, Bishop Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu’s appeal to the party leadership, members, masses and electorates during the visit to his constituents, both Youths and Women in the localities pledged their support to his candidacy and promised to work for his victory, emergence in the forthcoming general elections in Delta State, Nigeria.

Speaking at the grand reception of Bishop Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu, some of the party leaders, ADC members, electorates noted that, “ADC candidate is known as a grassroots planner, that Ika people will work to enthrone him as their Representative knowing that as Young promising, vibrant politician, and devout Christian with the masses at heart, that Bishop Obiajulu Obi Obiajulu will work towards bringing the benefit from the dividends of democracy to eighty percent citizens of in Nations in the Federal Constituency.

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